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Extravagance and beauty blend harmo birthstone earringsnio birthstone earringsusly fo birthstone earringsr these o birthstone earringsne o birthstone earringsf a kind handmade earrings. My inspiratio birthstone earringsn fo birthstone earringsr this piece can be attributed to birthstone earrings my lo birthstone earringsve o birthstone earringsf all things vintage and antiquian. With a Art Deco birthstone earrings feel and Victo birthstone earringsrian vibe, each item I create is designed to birthstone earrings no birthstone earringst o birthstone earringsnly lo birthstone earringso birthstone earringsk go birthstone earringso birthstone earringsd, but also birthstone earrings to birthstone earrings make yo birthstone earringsu feel go birthstone earringso birthstone earringsd wearing it. The utmo birthstone earringsst attentio birthstone earringsn to birthstone earrings detail and functio birthstone earringsnality is taken to birthstone earrings ensure that yo birthstone earringsur earrings are extremely durable yet incredibly co birthstone earringsmfo birthstone earringsrtable to birthstone earrings wear. Whether yo birthstone earringsu are wearing yo birthstone earringsur jewelry o birthstone earringsn yo birthstone earringsur wedding day, o birthstone earringsr just o birthstone earringsut getting gro birthstone earringsceries, yo birthstone earringsur earrings are sure to birthstone earrings make a stunning visual impact. Art no birthstone earrings lo birthstone earringsnger has to birthstone earrings stay o birthstone earringsn yo birthstone earringsur walls! Yo birthstone earringsu can no birthstone earringsw wear this heirlo birthstone earringso birthstone earringsm quality piece which is sure to birthstone earrings draw attentio birthstone earringsn to birthstone earrings all who birthstone earrings see it.-------MATERIALS-METAL: 14 K White Go birthstone earringsld (So birthstone earringslid) ear wiresBasic White Metals (antique balance co birthstone earringsck plates)STONE(s): Type: Rubellite To birthstone earringsurmalineSize: 4mmCo birthstone earringsuntry: AfricaTreatment: Heat TreatedGrade: Slightly IncludedWeight: 0.6ct to birthstone earringstalWATCH PART: (2) Antique Hand Engraved Balance Co birthstone earringscks (the part o birthstone earringsf a po birthstone earringscket watch which ho birthstone earringslds the mainspring in place) fro birthstone earringsm the early 1800's. These are in pristine co birthstone earringsnditio birthstone earringsn and simply exquisite pieces o birthstone earringsf histo birthstone earringsry!-------MEASUREMENTS-Earrings measures appro birthstone earringsximately 1 inch in length-------SPECIFICATIONS-The ear wire are made o birthstone earringsf 14K So birthstone earringslid White Go birthstone earringsld. White Go birthstone earringsld has a silvery white finish which is what makes white go birthstone earringsld jewelry so birthstone earrings appealing. In o birthstone earringsrder to birthstone earrings make the go birthstone earringsld white, it is co birthstone earringsmbined with metal allo birthstone earringsys that are white in nature and plated with an extremely hard element called rho birthstone earringsdium. Altho birthstone earringsugh stro birthstone earringsng, rho birthstone earringsdium may wear away o birthstone earringsver time. Getting yo birthstone earringsur Go birthstone earringsld re-finished is no birthstone earringst expensive and can be do birthstone earringsne at yo birthstone earringsur lo birthstone earringscal jewelers (Please no birthstone earringste that I do birthstone earrings NOT have the materials to birthstone earrings re-finish metal myself at this time).If yo birthstone earringsu have metal allergies, please no birthstone earringste that there is still a small po birthstone earringsssibility o birthstone earringsf being allergic to birthstone earrings White Go birthstone earringsld (which is no birthstone earringst due to birthstone earrings the go birthstone earringsld co birthstone earringsntent but rather the rho birthstone earringsdium sealant).To birthstone earringsurmalines are gems with an inco birthstone earringsmparable variety o birthstone earringsf co birthstone earringslo birthstone earringsrs. The reaso birthstone earringsn, acco birthstone earringsrding to birthstone earrings an o birthstone earringsld Egyptian legend, is that the to birthstone earringsurmaline, o birthstone earringsn its lo birthstone earringsng jo birthstone earringsurney up fro birthstone earringsm the center o birthstone earringsf the Earth, passed o birthstone earringsver a rainbo birthstone earringsw. In do birthstone earringsing so birthstone earrings, it assumed all the co birthstone earringslo birthstone earringsrs o birthstone earringsf the rainbo birthstone earringsw. And that is why it is still referred to birthstone earrings as the 'gemsto birthstone earringsne o birthstone earringsf the rainbo birthstone earringsw' to birthstone earringsday. To birthstone earringsurmaline displays a greater range o birthstone earringsf co birthstone earringslo birthstone earringsrs than any o birthstone earringsther kno birthstone earringswn gemsto birthstone earringsne and thus ho birthstone earringslds a special place in the hearts o birthstone earringsf jewelry designers and gemsto birthstone earringsne enthusiasts everywhere. Sri Lanka is co birthstone earringsnsidered the place were to birthstone earringsurmaline was first fo birthstone earringsund several centuries ago birthstone earrings. While gem quality to birthstone earringsurmaline is still fo birthstone earringsund there, the biggest suppliers o birthstone earringsf to birthstone earringsurmaline to birthstone earringsday are Brazil, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar and Afghanistan.-------CARE INSTRUCTIONS-Since go birthstone earringsld is a natural element, it is affected by harsh chemicals such as chlo birthstone earringsrine o birthstone earringsr o birthstone earringsther cleaning pro birthstone earringsducts. I reco birthstone earringsmmend that yo birthstone earringsu remo birthstone earringsve yo birthstone earringsur jewelry when using chemicals to birthstone earrings reduce daily abrasio birthstone earringsns and pro birthstone earringslo birthstone earringsng the luster. If o birthstone earringsver time yo birthstone earringsu find that the White Go birthstone earringsld ear wire is getting grimy, which is perfectly no birthstone earringsrmal, gently wipe it with a go birthstone earringsld po birthstone earringslishing clo birthstone earringsth (available at mo birthstone earringsst General Purpo birthstone earringsse sto birthstone earringsres in the jewelry sectio birthstone earringsn o birthstone earringsr o birthstone earringsnline). They are incredibly cheap and last a very lo birthstone earringsng time.To birthstone earrings keep yo birthstone earringsur gemsto birthstone earringsnes lo birthstone earringso birthstone earringsking their best, I highly reco birthstone earringsmmend getting yo birthstone earringsur jewelry pro birthstone earringsfessio birthstone earringsnally cleaned by yo birthstone earringsur lo birthstone earringscal jeweler (I do birthstone earrings no birthstone earringst pro birthstone earringsvide this particular service at this time). Please no birthstone earringste that cleaning yo birthstone earringsur o birthstone earringswn jewelry may result in damage to birthstone earrings the piece that yo birthstone earringsu will be respo birthstone earringsnsible fo birthstone earringsr. Thank yo birthstone earringsu fo birthstone earringsr yo birthstone earringsur understanding.-------POLICIES-Please make sure to birthstone earrings read my 'po birthstone earringslicies' sectio birthstone earringsn carefully befo birthstone earringsre checko birthstone earringsut. Mo birthstone earringsst questio birthstone earringsns can be answered there!

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