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arrow, 1/4 inch wide patina copper & sterling silver rivet band open arrow ring - size 6.5 - ready to ship



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This particular version of the open arrow rivet ring features copper that has had a patina applied to it. This copper actually comes to me this way, though I'm also working on my own patinas for future items. It also has a sterling silver rivet on one side of the arrow. The color of the sterling rivet gives the whole piece a really nice contrast. The drawback to this particular copper sheet is that it only comes in 24 gauge at the thickest, so it makes for a thinner band (on the plus side, the band is nice and lightweight!)The ring shown is a US size 6.5 and ships immediately. Fits like a wider band design.----------------------------QUICK DETAILS:Width: 1/4 inch wide bandThickness: approximately 0.6mm-----------------------------ABOUT THE MATERIALS:Copper (with patina): This is the same solid raw copper most people are quite familiar with -- it has a gorgeous deep red color and oxidizes in the air (turns black, sometimes shades of green). Raw copper sometimes produces a skin reaction in some people, turning their skin green. This washes off easily. This particular copper has had a "patina" applied to it, giving it the coloration you see. This patina should be long-lasting, but can potentially be worn off with a lot of heavy abuse. I do not laquer or coat my copper, but I can apply a wax finish to help protect it, on request., metal

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