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We have some beautiful new items. This is a sea blue (sapphire) freeform cultured sea glass pendant with a dainty carved foot and accented with a crystal.The possibilities are endless. Wire wrap, add a chain, but 2 and make earrings or add to a charm bracelet. Great for the new mom,aunt, grandmother or it can also represent the footsteps in the sand.We also have periwinkle purple,Turquoise Bay Blue and light Aqua "coke bottle ". Check out our sea glass bead category from our home page.Other shapes carved that we carry in multiple colors are stars,hearts,turtles.These are made from recycled glass with frosty matte finish. High quality from a week-long tumbling with diamond sand. This is even a better look and much cheaper than Authentic sea glass. I have collected sea glass for years and this is my favorite product. Uniform and beautiful for all your jewelry needs.Size: approximately 32 x 20 mmColor: Sea BlueUnit: 1- piecesDrilled : top centerCheck out our other sea glass in our supply category from the home page.great prices and variety. I did add a photo of other colors in stock just like the sapphire blue for viewing.Sea glass carved foot pendant,cultured seaglass blue necklace,beach glass pendant,beach jewelry supplies,drilled,freeform,beads,sand glass., seaglass pendant

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