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unique, BLACK_HOLLY - Unique OOAK art necklace - Amulet - Protection Celtic Ritual Magic - signed and dated - handmade wearable art



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In the Celtic tradition, holly is the ruler of winter, associated with dreams and the subconscious. Druids would often invoke the energy of holly for assistance in dream work as well as spiritual journeying. \r\rJust as the oak attracts lightning, holly repels lightning. It was often planted around homes for protection from lightning, and for this reason it is viewed as a symbol for protection. Holly leaves are very prickly, and deemed another metaphor for protection, vigilance, and stubborn victories won. \r\r(I planted holly near my door and windows to repel burglars: there are many kinds of protection, and some are evergreen and ever-vigilant.)\r\r"The thorns of the holly tree are seen as symbolic of its protective properties, acting to discourage those who would harm it. Holly was believed to deter lightning, and people planted it around their homes to protect against lightning strikes. Holly was also believed to protect against sickness, fire and witchcraft, and it was fed to livestock to protect them. The strength of belief in holly's protective properties remains so strong in some places that, when cutting down hedgerows that include a holly tree, the holly tree will be left untouched."\r\r"The wood of the Holly tree burns very hot and its charcoal was used to forge the swords, knives and tools necessary for survival and protection. The old smithies and weapon-makers were considered to be great magicians for their ability to use the elements of fire and earth to create these tools. For this reason the druids associated Holly with the element of fire. In the ogham alphabet they called the Holly \u201cTinne\u201d, which is thought to mean \u201cfire\u201d derived from the word \u201ctinder\u201d, in association with the Holly\u2019s timber used in the fires of the old smithies. In today\u2019s rituals, Holly is used for magick associated with the element of fire and Holly incense is used to consecrate the magickal knife (athame)."\r\r\r\rA copper-plated diamond-shaped tray is filled with deeply glowing coal red fantasy paints. A black holly tribal tattoo is laid over this sheen and oriented to the corners, it appears twisted and magnified by the domed diamond FX glass. I was evoking the heat in the heart of the fire and the way it disturbs the air.\r\r24" copper-plated ROLO chain and lobster clasp.\r\r\r\rImage size: 1" x 1" diamond\rOverall size: 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" (inc. bail)\r\r\r\r\r\r\rNotes:\r\rEach miniature work of art is signed and dated on the back.\r\rThe necklace comes inside a complimentary silver foil-embossed gift box. Included is my card with the name and date of the piece and any special characteristics.\r\rI hang the pendants from a variety of 24" chains (ROLO, petite ROLO, , vintage, dot&dash), 20" snake chain, and 18" organza ribbons, choosing what I think looks best. Not just color, but variances in the finish, and bail size are considerations. I also have a few longer (30 and 36") chains. Each of us is unique, and I'll cheerfully substitute an alternative necklace if needed and if possible. I want the recipient to be pleased. Convo me. \r\rThe OOAK display shows a wide range of subjects, styles, and embellishments (tiny lace doilies, tattoos, stickers, vintage cabochons, brass findings, glitter), and lots of swirly, bubbly, sparkly, shimmery paint. Each pendant is truly a unique work of art.\r\r*****\r\rThe photos were taken indoors against soft tan sueded fabric, where the yellow cast from interior lighting, reflections, and the glare from flash presented difficulties. [ Photo IDs: , OOAK display] \r\rThe detail images are shown larger than the original.\r\rBetter photos coming soon!\r\r*****\r\rI ship Priority Mail during normal business days, because it is safer and faster; however, rush or overnight delivery is not possible at this time. If you are overseas, please send a message with your address prior to purchase, and we can discuss international shipping costs and preferred method. \r\rJewelry is mailed in a Flat Rate Priority box. Several pieces will fit in even the smallest of these boxes, so there is no extra charge.\r\rI pack carefully, with rolled tissue and such (reusing padding materials helps save the environment).\r\r\r\rOriginal art\rCopyright year: \u00a9 2014 Carolly Hauksdottir \r\rConvo me with questions!, unique

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