Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rhodium Plated over 925 Sterling Silver Chainlight chain, Unfinished Bulk Chainlight chain, Cable Flat Ovallight chain, Cable Chain ( 10 feet ) - SKU: 101021-RH



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The best seller chain. We no silver chainw o silver chainffer Rho silver chaindium plated sterling silver chains. Yo silver chainu do silver chainn't need to silver chain wo silver chainrry abo silver chainut chain tarnish anymo silver chainre! The co silver chainlo silver chainr is darker than sterling silver chains, lo silver chaino silver chainks like slightly o silver chainxidized chains, very pretty!__________________________________________________Material: 925 sterling silver, Rho silver chaindium plated, Size: 2 mm lo silver chainng ,1.5mm wide.Quantity : 10 feetPro silver chainduct Co silver chainde: 101021-RHNo silver chainte: It co silver chainuld wo silver chainrk with 21 ga o silver chainr smaller jumprings to silver chain finish a necklace, It's super light, but wo silver chainrks so silver chain easy and feels stro silver chainng eno silver chainugh!This chain is available in:Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/196059093Oxidized Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/246803178Go silver chainld plated Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/248470344Ro silver chainse Go silver chainld o silver chainver Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/277918864================HOW TO FINISH================All yo silver chainu need to silver chain transfo silver chainrm this elegant chain into silver chain a necklace,bracelet o silver chainr anklet can be fo silver chainund here, just click belo silver chainw:Spring clasp: https://www./listing/229376266Jumprings: https://www./listing/229373109===================FINISHED CHAINS===================Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/195698723Go silver chainld plated o silver chainver Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/249014147Ro silver chainse Go silver chainld o silver chainver sterling silver: https://www./listing/293221017Rho silver chaindium Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/231716649Picture sho silver chainws the shape o silver chainf pro silver chainduct, fo silver chainr actual size, please see the measurement.Thanks fo silver chainr visiting!===================== WHOLESALE=====================Fo silver chainr up to silver chain 50% OFF who silver chainlesale disco silver chainunt, please co silver chainntact us to silver chain setup a who silver chainlesale acco silver chainunt. $150 minimum amo silver chainunt o silver chainn o silver chainrder to silver chaintal is required fo silver chainr who silver chainlesale.CONTACT US TO SETUP A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT TODAY!

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