Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unusual jewelry, 338 Bullet Cuff Links Art #5027 with Antique Brass or Surgical Steel backs. with or with out your Birth Stone.



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These items are handmade using recycled brass ammunitio brass craftsn. All o brass craftsur bullets have been tumbled clean befo brass craftsre being hand crafted and finally po brass craftslished to brass crafts bring o brass craftsut the shine.As each item is hand made there may be subtle differences fro brass craftsm the o brass craftsnes sho brass craftswn, such as head stamps, marking etc.These Cufflinks can be fitted with the birthsto brass craftsne o brass craftsf yo brass craftsur cho brass craftsice o brass craftsr left in the plain. They are also brass crafts available with either Antique Brass backs o brass craftsr Surgical Steel Backs.To brass crafts keep yo brass craftsur brass jewelry in aweso brass craftsme lo brass craftso brass craftsking co brass craftsnditio brass craftsn we reco brass craftsmmend that yo brass craftsu avo brass craftsid direct co brass craftsntact with water,lo brass craftstio brass craftsns, hair pro brass craftsducts and make up etc.Yo brass craftsur brass items will shine up nicely with the use o brass craftsf a silver po brass craftslishing clo brass craftsth.WE are a self help gro brass craftsup o brass craftsf lo brass craftscal peo brass craftsple with physical and o brass craftsr mental health pro brass craftsblems. We get to brass craftsgether o brass craftsn a regular basis to brass crafts help each o brass craftsther to brass crafts o brass craftsverco brass craftsme perso brass craftsnal pro brass craftsblems such as, Lack o brass craftsf self co brass craftsnfidence, lack o brass craftsf self esteem,self co brass craftsntro brass craftsl, co brass craftsgnitive mo brass craftsvement and the ability to brass crafts mix and co brass craftsmmunicat. We also brass crafts ho brass craftspe to brass crafts help so brass craftsme o brass craftsf us to brass crafts get back into brass crafts the wo brass craftsrkplace.We wo brass craftsuld like to brass crafts take this o brass craftsppo brass craftsrtunity to brass crafts thank yo brass craftsu fo brass craftsr yo brass craftsur suppo brass craftsrt and to brass crafts ask if yo brass craftsu wo brass craftsuld tell yo brass craftsur friends abo brass craftsut us.

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