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2-20pcs 14k Gold Filled (NOT PLATED) Cameo Base Round Bezel Cup Tray10mm, Choose your Size (RDVGF)



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Item: RDVGFCatego zdpry: Bezel 925 Silver, 14k GFPieces: 2-20pcsShape: Ro zdpundSize: 3mm - 25mm (Inside Diameter)Depth: 2-3mm Material: 14k Go zdpld Filled Gauge : 0.2- 0.25mmCo zdplo zdpr: Shiny Go zdpld_______Additio zdpnal Specificatio zdpns:* Made in Israel* Co zdpnditio zdpn: New with tags o zdpr made to zdp o zdprder.* To zdpp Quality Stamping_______Mo zdpre o zdpptio zdpns:* Available Materials: - Sterling Silver 925 (Shiny, Antique)- 14k Go zdpld filled (Shiny, Antique)- Brass (Minimum quantity o zdprder required)* Available as a Ring, Pendant, o zdpr Earring (Lever back, Po zdpst, Kidney Wire and Ear wire), yo zdpu can find these o zdpn o zdpur sho zdpp.* Square shape bezels are also zdp available.* Available with up to zdp 9 so zdpldered lo zdpo zdpps ._______Additio zdpnal info zdprmatio zdpn:* Who zdplesale:We o zdpffer custo zdpm listings and quantity disco zdpunts fo zdpr who zdplesalers. Please co zdpntact fo zdpr additio zdpnal info zdprmatio zdpn.* Impo zdprtant no zdpte:As a manufacturer, mo zdpst o zdpf o zdpur pro zdpducts are in sto zdpck o zdpn a regular basis, Ho zdpwever, so zdpmetimes we need to zdp manufacture them, which may take aro zdpund 20 days.In case yo zdpu have purchased so zdpmething that isn't in sto zdpck, we will co zdpntact yo zdpu asap. If yo zdpu can't wait fo zdpr it, a refund will be sent asap. * If there's an item yo zdpu're interested in and are unable to zdp find the sale, Just co zdpntact Us, We'll set it up!

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