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CUSTOM MADE Angel Tears in Glass Vial Vintage Czech Beads Soldered Top Wording Inside Necklace: Have you ever wondered what becomes of the shiny sweet tears of the angels who are at once trying diligently to help us and trying to serve God at the same time?One night while praying very hard for a healing for a loved one, I heard a soft dripping noise as a sniffle that sounded like tiny bells. I looked up and saw a stream of tears slowly falling...I was quick and was able to catch some and keep them for later. I felt happy to have found the tears and gathered them, but was unsure of what to do with them. And I wondered why my prayers for my loved ones never seemed to be answered...maybe that angel was sad as well, as he had done his best.I was somehow comforted by the fact that I was able to collect these wonderful, beautiful angel tears, but was unsure of what to do with them.Finally I used the glass tears to create a way to carry the tears with me and always to remember that the angel cares and has compassion for my desires. I have come to believe that perhaps I am trying to force a situation when really I should let go and let God.I thought you might like having an angel tears vial as well! The colors keep changing but I have seen blue, green, mauve, pink, gold, teal, silver and more!The CUSTOM MADE Angel tears are within a glass tear-shaped vial with a hand soldered top and attached jump ring. The vial is 1 1/2" tall including jump ring and is approx. 9/16" inch wide at its widest point. Attached to the jump ring is a single angel tear wire wrapped dangle which I made especially for this piece. Inside the Angel Tears vial is a bit of paper with the words, "Angel Tears". That is so you always remember where they came from. However, IF YOU WANT SOMEONE'S NAME OR A DIFFERENT WORD OR WORDS LET ME KNOW. CUSTOM orders are paid for in advance. Although I state 1-2 weeks for shipment I VERY often can send out MUCH SOONER.Also included will be a 24" silvertone ball chain, just right for slipping over most heads without fussing with the clasp. There will be a nice little bag and/or gift packaging as well.The vintage glass tears shine in a variety of colors all depending on the light source! It was very difficult to photograph them..NOT MEANT FOR CHILDREN! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.To fly back into my shop:http://www./shop/fireflygirl777, bottle necklace

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