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The design of this double scroll ring is almost as old as mankind. Ancient and modern at the same time, and as thousands of years of history show, it will likely never go out of style. This is one of my favorite ring designs and I have been wearing my ring for over ten years. It has travelled with me to many places and it still looks like new. One of the things I really love about the ring, apart from the design, is that I can wear it also during hot weather when my finger sweat and swell a little. The open design of the ring makes it really comfortable to wear. I handform this ring from heavy, solid sterling silver. I am using Argentium, a patented sterling silver alloy that is tarnish resistant. Argentium sterling silver is nickel free.Each ring is made to size, so small variations are possible. The ring is made from 2mm thick wire that will not bend out of shape and will last a long time. This is a sturdy, durable ring and does not bend, so it is not adjustable., celtic ring

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