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Serpentine Braceletgemstone bracelet, Lime Green Serpentine Stone Cuff Braceletgemstone bracelet, Handmade Gemstone Jewelrygemstone bracelet, Gemstone Jewelrygemstone bracelet, Stone Bracelet



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Serpentine Bracelet, Lime Green Serpentine Stone Cuff Bracelet, Handmade Gemstone Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Stone BraceletLike a spring this bracelet will snap back to its original form when expanded and released. Perfect for those who can't handle traditional clasp bracelets, or just a change from the usual. This bracelet looks great by itself or worn in groups of 2, 3, or more!Featuring a beautiful cluster of petite lime green serpentine stones as well as simple antiqued brass beads.It measures 7" around, but should fit pretty much any size wrist comfortably.more bounce back braceletshttp://www./shop/LuminousCreation?section_id=5861229This bracelet as well as all my pieces are all handmade by me with much care & love.take a peek at my shop.http://www./shop/LuminousCreationThank You for looking!, cuff

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