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This Crystal Sno snowflake ornamentwflake Pendant with its vintage style bale sparkles and reflects whatever co snowflake ornamentlo snowflake ornamentr is nearby. Dimensio snowflake ornamentns: 1" diameter Weight: 6.05 grams o snowflake ornamentn my scaleCo snowflake ornamentlo snowflake ornamentrs: Clear, SilverDesign: Simple six-sided sno snowflake ornamentwflake design Clo snowflake ornamentsure: Silver Bale allo snowflake ornamentws the pendant be be used with a necklace o snowflake ornamentr displayed as an o snowflake ornamentrnament.Lo snowflake ornamento snowflake ornamentks like it has never been wo snowflake ornamentrn.- a perfect gift and a perfect accesso snowflake ornamentry fo snowflake ornamentr a special functio snowflake ornamentn, the ho snowflake ornamentlidays, o snowflake ornamentr as a bridal accesso snowflake ornamentry at a Winter Wedding. See pictures fo snowflake ornamentr details.

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