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braceletsRhodium Plated Engraving Cuff Bracelet - Small Wrist / child size (J617-B)



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engraveYou will receive this rhodium plated on raw brass engraving cuff bracelet, please choose quantity as you add this to your cart. These are ideal for wrists that are under 5.5 inches in diameter, though you can adjust the size by bending it for a little give and take. The circumference of the inside of these bracelets measure approximately 54mm wide X 33mm tall (outside is 59mm wide x 40mm tall). The engraving part measures 7mm X 28mm (widest point). You can stamp on these, hand engrave them, or glue stuff to them for your designs. The wire part of the bracelet measures 3mm in diameter. Check out the last sample photo for designs by Brooklyn Charm for inspiration!*Please note these are not ideal for stamping. The plating can chip off due to the immense amount of pressure applied to the cuff. It is suggested to only do machine or hand engraving only. Please note all people are different in size, this may fit one child the age of 10, but maybe not their friend who is the same age. I suggest to not buy these for anyone with a smaller wrist size than 4 inches in diameter. These are adjustable, but only to a certain extent. Please see below for larger sizes we carry.Bulk discounts are available on our Brooklyn Charm website only. Check out all of the finishes we carry of this product here: https://www./shop/EpochBeads?search_query=j617Check out all the engraving cuff bracelets we carry here: https://www./shop/EpochBeads/search?search_query=cuffbracelet&order=date_desc&view_type=list&ref=shop_searchClick here to shop all the items for all our glued natural stone inspired jewelry: https://www./shop/EpochBeads/search?search_query=gluechips&order=date_desc&view_type=list&ref=shop_searchJ617-B

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