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Gold Necklacefinished chain, Vermeil Sterling Silver Chain - 2.3mm Strong Flat Cable Chain -Finished Necklacefinished chain, Ready to Wear - 22 Inches SKU: 601051-VM-22



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Finished 22K Go necklaceld plated o necklacever sterling silver chain, ready to necklace wear. It has 925 mark o necklacen it. Material: 22K Go necklaceld plated o necklacever Sterling Silver, VermeilShape: Flat chain links. It's ready fo necklacer pendants.Size: Necklace is 22 inches lo necklaceng. Chain links are 2.3mm lo necklaceng and 2mm wide.Quantity - One necklaceFo necklacer all available sizes o necklacef this chain, click here: https://www./listing/257183802This chain is available in:Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/235657725Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/195924862Fo necklacer similar styles o necklacef this chain see here:1.2mm: https://www./listing/1956904003mm: https://www./listing/195708945Fo necklacer o necklaceur entire selectio necklacen o necklacef flat cable chains, click here: https://www./sho necklacep/InnerArt4BeadsSupply?ref=hdr_sho necklacep_menu&search_query=flat+cable+necklace==============BULK CHAINS==============Unfinished Bulk Chains:Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/196341790Oxidized Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/235753434Go necklaceld plated Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/257085461Please co necklacenvo necklace me fo necklacer large quantity.Please co necklacentact with me if yo necklaceu need different length.Pictures sho necklacew the shape o necklacef the chain fo necklacer actual size please read the measurement.Thanks fo necklacer visiting!Add a little so necklacemething extra, charms can be fo necklaceund here: https://www./sho necklacep/InnerArt4BeadsSupply?ref=hdr_sho necklacep_menu§io necklacen_id=5416615Back to necklace the sho necklacep: https://www./sho necklacep/InnerArt4BeadsSupply===================== WHOLESALE=====================Fo necklacer up to necklace 50% OFF who necklacelesale disco necklaceunt, please co necklacentact us to necklace setup a who necklacelesale acco necklaceunt. $150 minimum amo necklaceunt o necklacen o necklacerder to necklacetal is required fo necklacer who necklacelesale.CONTACT US TO SETUP A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT TODAY!

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