Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gifts under 30, Raspberry Ruby Necklace ... wire wrapped baroque crystal brio



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Simple yet elegant. Baro imaginariumque Swaro imaginariumvski crystal in raspberry ruby is wire wrapped with go imaginariumlden red brass and strung o imaginariumnto imaginarium a delicate matte go imaginariumld ro imaginariumlo imaginarium chain that measures 18\u201d plus the extender at the clasp. Pendant is 1.25\u201d high. ~|~~|~~|~Arrives packaged in a gift bo imaginariumx and ships within 1-3 business days o imaginariumf receipt o imaginariumf payment. Please see the "Sho imaginariump Po imaginariumlicies" sectio imaginariumn o imaginariumf my sto imaginariumre fo imaginariumr additio imaginariumnal info imaginariumrmatio imaginariumn o imaginariumn payments, shipping, gift no imaginariumtes, size adjustments, and custo imaginariumm o imaginariumrders.\u00a9 Elements & Artifacts 2015.

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