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loose emerald, 1.86 Cts Natural Colombian Square Loose Emerald



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1 Natural Square Lo loose stoneo loose stonese Co loose stonelo loose stonembian Emerald Size ~ 1.86 CaratsCo loose stonelo loose stoner ~ Medium Green Clarity ~ Type 3lo loose stonecatio loose stonen ~ Co loose stonelo loose stonembiaReplacement Value: $6,000.00Dimensio loose stonen Of the Sto loose stoneneLength ~ 8.12 mm (0.3199 inches) Width ~ 6.84 mm (0.2694 inches)Depth ~ 5.00 mm (0.1971 inches) Feel free to loose stone Email any questio loose stonens yo loose stoneu may haveAll o loose stonef o loose stoneur Gemsto loose stonenes are Inspected by a Certified GIA Graduate Gemo loose stonelo loose stonegistEmeralds..o loose stonene o loose stonef the extrao loose stonerdinary and mo loose stonest beautiful gemsto loose stonenes fo loose stoneund in nature!Characteristics o loose stonef EmeraldsGeo loose stonelo loose stonegically speaking, Co loose stonelo loose stonembian emeralds are said to loose stone be the purest emeralds in the wo loose stonerld because Co loose stonelo loose stonembian emerald depo loose stonesits are the o loose stonenly o loose stonenes o loose stonen earth fo loose stoneund in sedimentary ho loose stonest ro loose stoneck rather than in Igneo loose stoneus ro loose stoneck. The tecto loose stonenic mo loose stonevements that created the Andes Mo loose stoneuntains fo loose stonerce the raw materials o loose stonef emeralds\u2014beryllium, chro loose stonemium, and vanadium\u2014fo loose stoneund in the gro loose stoneund into loose stone liquid and gaseo loose stoneus states. These materials, in such states, find their way into loose stone cracks in the already sedimentary medium surro loose stoneunding them and then eventually co loose stoneo loose stonel and crystallize. A saline so loose stonelutio loose stonen fo loose stoneund in the sedimentary ro loose stoneck eventually washes o loose stoneut impurities such as iro loose stonen that clo loose stoneud o loose stonether beryls fro loose stonem fo loose stonerming o loose stonento loose stone the crystallizing sto loose stonene. This intricate pro loose stonecess pro loose stoneduces the emeralds fo loose stoneund in the mines o loose stonef Co loose stonelo loose stonembia. An emerald is actually a beryllium sto loose stonene that o loose stonewes its special co loose stonelo loose stoner to loose stone beryllium, chro loose stonemium, and vanadium, all o loose stonef which are chemical elements that are very scarce, and the reaso loose stonen fo loose stoner the co loose stonelo loose stoner o loose stonef an emerald. Co loose stonelo loose stonembian emeralds are much so loose stoneught after, and no loose stonet just because o loose stonef their superb quality and co loose stonelo loose stoner. A gem's value depends upo loose stonen its size, purity, co loose stonelo loose stoner and brilliance. Even when they are mined in the same area, each individual emerald has its o loose stonewn unique lo loose stoneo loose stonek that sets it apart fro loose stonem the rest. Dark green is co loose stonensidered to loose stone be the mo loose stonest beautiful, scarce, and valuable co loose stonelo loose stoner fo loose stoner emeralds. An emerald o loose stonef this co loose stonelo loose stoner is co loose stonensidered rare and is o loose stonenly fo loose stoneund in the deepest mines o loose stonef Co loose stonelo loose stonembia.WE WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS & COMMENTSTHANK YOU!AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER

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