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Handmade Pagoda Red Crochet Lace Barefoot Sandals- one size fits all - made with cotton thread



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Artisan crafted in USA Ready to shipCrochet pair of Barefoot Sandals in Pagoda Red lace and long ties. They are crochet with cotton thread. Sexy feet, perfect for dancers, belly dancers, yoga, the beach, a beach wedding etc. One size fits all. Just slip the loop over your second toe and tie the strings around your ankle.For sanitary reasons these have never been on a person, they have only been modeled on my mannequin and foot display. I have washed these by hand with a detergent for sensitive skin so they are ready for you to wear.Made with cotton thread. Hand wash and lay flat on a towel to dry.Shipping within the USA via USPS with Delivery ConfirmationMade in America

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