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gorean, Chainmail Bracelet With Tiny Jingle Bells -- 17 to Choose From!!!



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Choice of 17 different Helm weave chain mail bracelets with little silver or gold jimgle bells added. The bells provide a very soft jingle. They are 8-1/2" long and can be adjusted to be as short as 8". Rings are anodized aluminum so the bracelet is lightweight. Clasp and rings are nickel free. This item is ready to ship.First photo from top left to bottom right--1. Pink/Silver with silver bells2. Sold Out3. Fuchsia/Gold with gold bells4. Sold Out5. Sold Out6. Silver with silver bells7. Metallic black/Red with silver bells8. Blue/light blue with silver bells 9. Light bronze/silver with silver bells10. Sold Out11. Metallic white/pink with silver bells12. Red/Green with silver bellsSecond photo from top left to bottom right--1. Green/Red with silver bells2. Yellow/Black with silver bells3. Silver/Green with silver bells4. Bronze/Red with silver bells5. Metallic white/Metallic black with silver bells6. Silver with silver bells7. Mint green/Green with silver bells8. Gold/Silver with silver bells9. Sold OutIf none of these colors suits your needs, custom orders are available!, submissive

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