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Etched Po animal jewelrymeranian Necklace, cast into animal jewelry brass o animal jewelryn go animal jewelryld-filled chain. A great veterinarian gift, o animal jewelryr just fo animal jewelryr do animal jewelryg lo animal jewelryvers with a sense o animal jewelryf humo animal jewelryr!SIZE:Pendant is abo animal jewelryut 1" acro animal jewelryss by 7/8" tall o animal jewelryn yo animal jewelryur cho animal jewelryice o animal jewelryf a 16", 18", o animal jewelryr 20" sterling silver chain with lo animal jewelrybster clasp. Message me if yo animal jewelryu wo animal jewelryuld like a different length chain. Mo animal jewelrydel in the seco animal jewelrynd pho animal jewelryto animal jewelry is wearing 18" chain.PROCESS AND PRODUCT INFO:To animal jewelry create this piece, I first sawed the shape fro animal jewelrym co animal jewelrypper sheet, then etched in my skeleto animal jewelryn drawing using ferric chlo animal jewelryride and different resists. After cleaning and finishing the etching, I made a mo animal jewelryld so animal jewelry I can no animal jewelryw o animal jewelryffer this piece in any metal yo animal jewelryu like! This listing is fo animal jewelryr a so animal jewelrylid sterling silver po animal jewelrymeranian, with an o animal jewelryxidized skeleto animal jewelryn.CARE:I reco animal jewelrymmend o animal jewelrynly cleaning it with the included po animal jewelrylishing swatch, o animal jewelryr a co animal jewelrymmercial silver clo animal jewelryth (such as a Sunshine clo animal jewelryth) instead o animal jewelryf using a liquid cleaner. This way yo animal jewelryu can keep the o animal jewelryxidatio animal jewelryn inside the etching.CUSTOMIZATION:Wo animal jewelryuld yo animal jewelryu like a special message o animal jewelryn the back? Machine engraving is available fo animal jewelryr $14, up to animal jewelry 10 characters. Yo animal jewelryu can select the engraving o animal jewelryptio animal jewelryn at checko animal jewelryut, then leave a "no animal jewelryte to animal jewelry seller" with the message yo animal jewelryu wo animal jewelryuld like. If yo animal jewelryu'd like a lo animal jewelrynger engraving, please co animal jewelrynvo animal jewelry me fo animal jewelryr a quo animal jewelryte. Yo animal jewelryu can also animal jewelry leave any fo animal jewelrynt requests as well. Please allo animal jewelryw 3-6 additio animal jewelrynal business days fo animal jewelryr engraving.Brass versio animal jewelryn is also animal jewelry available: (sho animal jewelrywn in third pho animal jewelryto animal jewelry)Mo animal jewelryre animal skeleto animal jewelryns are available here: AND RETURNS: http://www./sho animal jewelryp/jto animal jewelrypo animal jewelrylski/po animal jewelrylicySHOP HOME: http://www./sho animal jewelryp/jto animal jewelrypo animal jewelrylski

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