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luckenbooth, Scottish Tartan Jewelry Tartan Brooch Gallaway Galloway Orange Tartan 25mm Brooch w/Crystal Copper Swarovski Crystal Graphic Elements



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This brooch was created by me as part of my Ancient Romance Series, the Scottish and Irish Tartans Collections. It features the striking and very unusual Gallaway/Galloway Orange tartan in teal blue and burnt orange. I framed the tartan under glass in a 25mm/1" lacy brass brooch setting and embellished it with a charm created using an antique Scottish luckenbooth image layered on a background of Victorian script; and finished it with a Crystal Copper Swarovski Graphic Bead also capped in antique brass. This brooch measures just over 2 3/4" in length by 1" wide at the widest point; and has a side view profile of 1/4." I framed the images under glass in antique brass frames. Any shadows are white spots are camera glare and not defects. The glare from glass makes it difficult to photograph these pieces accurately. If you need additional photos, please email me and I will do my best to accommodate your request. I love creating tartan jewelry and would love to create a special family tartan piece or a fun, fashion tartan piece just for you. If you have a preference for a predominant color or color palette for your tartan, please email me., galloway tartan

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