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Etched Po veterinarian giftmeranian Necklace, cast into veterinarian gift brass o veterinarian giftn go veterinarian giftld-filled chainSIZE:Pendant co veterinarian giftmes o veterinarian giftn yo veterinarian giftur cho veterinarian giftice o veterinarian giftf a 16", 18", o veterinarian giftr 20" go veterinarian giftld-filled chain with lo veterinarian giftbster clasp. Message me if yo veterinarian giftu wo veterinarian giftuld like a different length chain. Mo veterinarian giftdel in the seco veterinarian giftnd pho veterinarian giftto veterinarian gift is wearing 16" chain.PROCESS AND PRODUCT INFO:To veterinarian gift create this piece, I first sawed the shape fro veterinarian giftm co veterinarian giftpper sheet, then etched in my skeleto veterinarian giftn drawing using ferric chlo veterinarian giftride and different resists. After cleaning and finishing the etching, I made a mo veterinarian giftld so veterinarian gift I can no veterinarian giftw o veterinarian giftffer this piece in any metal yo veterinarian giftu like! This listing is fo veterinarian giftr a so veterinarian giftlid brass po veterinarian giftm, with an o veterinarian giftxidized skeleto veterinarian giftn.CARE:The fro veterinarian giftnt is simply cleaned brass, which is quite easy to veterinarian gift care fo veterinarian giftr. See so veterinarian giftme tips fo veterinarian giftr caring fo veterinarian giftr yo veterinarian giftur brass jewelry here: http://www.eaglero veterinarian veterinarian giftm/ho veterinarian giftw-to veterinarian gift-clean-and-care-fo veterinarian giftr-brass-jewelry/ I also veterinarian gift include a light abrasive po veterinarian giftlishing paper, perfect fo veterinarian giftr keeping yo veterinarian giftur necklace like new.CUSTOMIZATION:Wo veterinarian giftuld yo veterinarian giftu like a special message o veterinarian giftn the back? Machine engraving is available fo veterinarian giftr $15 up to veterinarian gift 15 characters. Please allo veterinarian giftw 3-6 business days fo veterinarian giftr engraving. Simply select the "engraved message" variatio veterinarian giftn at check o veterinarian giftut, then add a no veterinarian giftte with exactly the engraving yo veterinarian giftu want. Please leave a separate no veterinarian giftte with any fo veterinarian giftnt preferences. If yo veterinarian giftu want a lo veterinarian giftnger engraving, please co veterinarian giftnvo veterinarian gift me befo veterinarian giftre purchase to veterinarian gift co veterinarian giftnfirm pricing.Sterling silver versio veterinarian giftn is also veterinarian gift available: veterinarian giftrbSh (sho veterinarian giftwn in third pho veterinarian giftto veterinarian gift.)And mo veterinarian giftre animal skeleto veterinarian giftns are available here: AND RETURNS: http://www./sho veterinarian giftp/jto veterinarian giftpo veterinarian giftlski/po veterinarian giftlicySHOP HOME: http://www./sho veterinarian giftp/jto veterinarian giftpo veterinarian giftlski

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