Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coral pendant, Vintage Resin Hoop African Style Multicolored Red Gold White Coral Sticks with Freshwater Pearls and Gemstone Sticks Choker Pendant Necklace



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This brilliantly co vintage corallo vintage coralred necklace in an African style is adjustable in length fro vintage coralm 15-16". It co vintage coralnsists o vintage coralf white go vintage coralld black and red fo vintage coralssil co vintage coralral sticks and gemsto vintage coralne sticks including yello vintage coralw jasper and delicate thin bright blue lapis lazuli sticks. Meant freshwater pearls and gemsto vintage coralnes including crushed amber beads.Hanging fro vintage coralm the necklace is a 3" pendant o vintage coralf unusually shaped vintage white fo vintage coralssil co vintage coralral fo vintage coralrmatio vintage coraln, blue glass square, cardinal red vintage resin mo vintage coralbius ring and freshwater pearls.Fo vintage coralr fo vintage coralreign shipping please co vintage coralntact me with yo vintage coralur address fo vintage coralr shipping co vintage coralst.Length can be altered to vintage coral fit. Just co vintage coralntact me.

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