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sfetsy team, BELLS - Brass Circle Dangling Earrings - Handmade



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These dangle by earrings are light-weight and super fun to sterling silver wear. It's made with brass and sterling silver ear wires.Made to sterling silver o sterling silverrder.Abo sterling silverut 6 cm lo sterling silverng fro sterling silverm then to sterling silverp o sterling silverf ear wires.Circle is 2 cm diameter.All jewelry and co sterling silvermpo sterling silvernents are designed and handmade with lo sterling silverve. Each jewelry is mailed in a bo sterling silverx ready fo sterling silverr gift giving. \u2665Click here to sterling silver view mo sterling silverre o sterling silverf my earring co sterling silverllectio sterling silvern: http://www./sho sterling silverp/bunnyco sterling silvernedesigns?sectio sterling silvern_id=5468774Thanks fo sterling silverr lo sterling silvero sterling silverking!Like me o sterling silvern Facebo sterling silvero sterling silverk: https://www.facebo sterling silvero sterling sterling silverm/bunnyco sterling silvernedesigns Fo sterling silverllo sterling silverw me o sterling silvern Instagram: sterling silverm/bunnyco sterling silverne/

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