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Natural Jasper Leather Wrapped Tusk Pendantpave horn, Natural Stone Horn Pendantpave horn, Authentic Leather Wrapped Necklace Pave Pendant-SKU: 292077



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Material: Natural Jasper, Leather, Zirco leather jewelryn Pave, Stainless SteelType: Necklace PendantBail: Stainless Steel, 10mm bailShape: Tusk, Ho leather jewelryrnMeasurement: Appro leather jewelryximately 70-74 mm lo leather jewelryng by 17mm thick at the to leather jewelryp o leather jewelryf the pendant, 3.5 mm at tipWeight: 10 grams per piece.SKU#: 292077Quantity: 1 pendant*As these are nature sto leather jewelrynes, sizes and shades may slightly vary.Fo leather jewelryr o leather jewelryur full chain selectio leather jewelryn, click here:https://www./sho leather jewelryp/InnerArt4BeadsSupply?sectio leather jewelryn_id=6577808&ref=sho leather jewelrypsectio leather jewelryn_leftnav_3Pictures sho leather jewelryw the shape o leather jewelryf pro leather jewelryducts, fo leather jewelryr actual size, please read the measurement .Thanks fo leather jewelryr visiting!===================== WHOLESALE=====================Fo leather jewelryr up to leather jewelry 50% OFF who leather jewelrylesale disco leather jewelryunt, please co leather jewelryntact us to leather jewelry setup a who leather jewelrylesale acco leather jewelryunt. $150 minimum amo leather jewelryunt o leather jewelryn o leather jewelryrder to leather jewelrytal is required fo leather jewelryr who leather jewelrylesale.CONTACT US TO SETUP A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT TODAY!

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