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copper, Welsh Dragon pin/pendant - Large



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Copper disc etched with Welsh Dragon design. One of the most traditional Western European Dragon designs. This is my large size disc which is 1 1/4" before doming.Each disc has a combination pin/pendant back so they can be worn as a brooch or as a necklace. Background is blackened and copper is treated with a non tarnish dip then coated with an anti-tarnish lacquer. The celtic design on copper was etched by me using galvanic etching. This process is very similar to acid etching, only it uses saltwater and electricity, making it the opposite of electroplating. The design is first laser printed onto a special paper (PnP paper) then ironed onto the metal. This provides a resist for the acid or saltwater. Once etched, the resist is cleaned off, the disc is cut out using a disc cutter punch, then domed using a dapping block and dap. The piece is then tumbled to burnish the metal and clean the edges, blackened, dipped, coated, and the back is attached., combination

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