Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Earrings with handmade lampwo dangle earringsrk ro dangle earringsund beads. Dark green glass beads with white po dangle earringslkado dangle earringsts.These earrings are stylish and classic and yo dangle earringsu can wear it every day. Glass bead is 0.6 inch in diameter. The earrings are 1" Lo dangle earringsng in to dangle earringstalThe earwire is bro dangle earringsnce rho dangle earringsdinated. Spacer beads are Sterling silver.Earrings co dangle earringsme bo dangle earringsxed and ready fo dangle earringsr gift giving!Yo dangle earringsu can find mo dangle earringsre o dangle earringsf my jewelry in my sho dangle earringsp o dangle earringsr at my Facebo dangle earringso dangle earringsk Fanpagehttps://www.facebo dangle earringso dangle dangle earringsm/PascalPintherOr find me o dangle earringsn Instagram: Querbead

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