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handmade, Phantom of the Opera "The Daroga" Tribute Pendant



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In Gaston Leroux' s "Phantom of the Opera" one character appears who is probably the one person Erik could ever truly call a friend. The Daroga (apparently Persian for police chief), or the Persian, as he is called, was the one who selflessly helped Erik escape those Rosy Hours at Mazanderan and the Shah's employ. In subsequent Phantom based stories such as Susan Kay's wonderfully realized "Phantom" the Daroga is given a name, Nadir Khan, and a back story. The only film to feature the Persian as a character was the beautiful silent version starring Lon Chaney. The actor to play him, Arthur Edmund Carewe, was attractive and mysterious, a perfect Daroga, and I've used his image in tribute in this new pendant. Again, photographing these pendants is tricky because of the glare. It is a striking and attention getting piece for the true Phantom Phan!, romantic

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