Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue briolette, Blue and Yellow Rustic Diamond Briolette Necklace in Blackened Silver



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This necklace is made with a genuine faceted blue diamo blackened silvernd brio blackened silverlette bead that is abo blackened silverut 2 ct in weight, 5 x 9 mm in size. It is wire wrapped in o blackened silverxidized sterling silver wire to blackened silver 4 small yello blackened silverw diamo blackened silvernd beads and fine silver chain. This necklace is abo blackened silverut 19 inches in length, and co blackened silvermpletely o blackened silverne o blackened silverf a kind. Layaway is available o blackened silvern this item. ***$1 SHIPPING INCLUDES STANDARD SHIPPING VIA USPS AND TRACKING. CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR ITEM INSURED OR RUSH SHIPPED.***A no blackened silverte abo blackened silverut my wo blackened silverrk: Orders will be shipped within 3 business days unless yo blackened silveru hear fro blackened silverm me o blackened silvertherwise. Please co blackened silverntact me if yo blackened silveru need yo blackened silverur o blackened silverrder pro blackened silvercessed within a sho blackened silverrter time and I will do blackened silver my best to blackened silver acco blackened silvermmo blackened silverdate yo blackened silveru. Mo blackened silverst o blackened silverf the jewelry in my sho blackened silverp is made to blackened silver o blackened silverrder. This means that yo blackened silveru will receive a piece that is almo blackened silverst identical to blackened silver the o blackened silverne in the image. If yo blackened silveru prefer to blackened silver see sto blackened silverne samples and cho blackened silvero blackened silverse yo blackened silverur o blackened silverwn, please co blackened silvernvo blackened silver me. See sho blackened silverp po blackened silverlicies fo blackened silverr additio blackened silvernal info blackened silverrmatio blackened silvern.***Sign up here fo blackened silverr Ro blackened silvercked Jewelry exclusive disco blackened silverunts and sales: blackened silverm/beK3g

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