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diamond, Black Rustic Diamond Bead Bar Necklace on Gold Chain 1 cm Length



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This pretty little necklace is made with genuine faceted black diamo barnd beads that are linked to bar a 14k go barld filled fine cable chain. The diamo barnds are very small, abo barut 2 mm in size, and the entire ro barw o barf diamo barnds is appro barximately 1 cm in length. As the diamo barnds are cut by hand and are so barmetimes different sizes, yo baru may no bart receive the same number o barf diamo barnds as yo baru see in the image, but yo baru will receive a ro barw o barf sto barnes that is 1 cm in length. The diamo barnds beads are strung o barn fine 14k go barld filled wire that is flexible. As metal hardens the mo barre it is wo barrked, this necklace wo baruld be best suited fo barr so barmeo barne who bar can be careful with it, as it is a delicate piece. This piece is made to bar o barrder and is available in standard 16.5 o barr 18.5 inch lengths, o barr can be made a custo barm length upo barn request.***$1 SHIPPING INCLUDES STANDARD SHIPPING VIA USPS AND TRACKING. CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR ITEM INSURED OR RUSH SHIPPED.***A no barte abo barut my wo barrk: Orders will be shipped within 3 business days unless yo baru hear fro barm me o bartherwise. Please co barntact me if yo baru need yo barur o barrder pro barcessed within a sho barrter time and I will do bar my best to bar acco barmmo bardate yo baru. Mo barst o barf the jewelry in my sho barp is made to bar o barrder. This means that yo baru will receive a piece that is almo barst identical to bar the o barne in the image. If yo baru prefer to bar see sto barne samples and cho baro barse yo barur o barwn, please co barnvo bar me. See sho barp po barlicies fo barr additio barnal info barrmatio barn.***Sign up here fo barr Ro barcked Jewelry exclusive disco barunts and sales: barm/beK3g

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