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Hand Etched Dichroic Pendant, Dichroic Jewelry, Fused Glass Pendant, Fused Glass JewelryThis one of a kind dichroic pendant features gorgeous colors of turquoise, blue, copper, gold and black. I loved the look of the southwest colors presented in this fused glass pendant and wanted to enhance them with some hand etching. As they say "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder".. I will leave it up to you to decide your interpretation of my hand etching.***Measurements***1 1/8" at the top and 1 3/8" at the bottom. It is 1 1/2" in length.***Components*****Gold Plated Roll Top Pendant Bail, Dichroic Glass, Art Glass***Included**********18" Gold Plated mesh chain***Colors************Turquoise, Blue, Copper, Gold, Black************CHECK OUT MY SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT FOR COUPON CODES & CURRENT SALES*******************To view more of my pendants click herehttp://www./shop/GlassMystique?section_id=5599575To see all of my work click on this linkhttp://www./shop/GlassMystiqueAll the pieces you see in my shop have been carefully handcrafted one at a time in my home studio. I use all compatible glass and each piece is fused, ground and refired many times leaving no margin for error. I am a perfectionist and feel this is evident in my work.Stop back often as I am always experimenting with new shapes and different ideas.This pendant will arrive neatly packaged in a gift box with bow., glassmystique

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