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celestial, Sterling Silver Crab Charm



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Measurements (mm): Length: 21 Width: 13 Height: 3 Sterling Silver Crab CharmThis realistic crab charm lo oceano oceanks like it's fresh o oceanut o oceanf the salty waters with it's to oceanugh exterio oceanr, and snappy claws. In Chinese cultures, a crab symbo oceanlizes go oceano oceand luck, and is also ocean reminiscent o oceanf a sun. In o oceanther beliefs, this crustacean also ocean represents pro oceantectio oceann, and transfo oceanrmatio oceann. Mo oceanving with the natural flo oceanw o oceanf the o oceancean, these tiny creatures make their way to ocean the sho oceanres by do oceaning a sideways shuffle. Any o oceancean lo oceanver wo oceanuld be as 'happy as a crab' to ocean get this cute charm as a piece o oceanf jewelry!Cast and hand finished in Thailand.

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