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One of the special things about ordering a pendant from Tree Heart Designs is that I do energy work, and will take the time to wrap your pendant special after you order, sending love and blessings into the pendant so that the wearer will have that gift of heart and soul along with the lovely pendant! The tree of life is featured in a huge number of cultures' mythology dating back through history. Intuitively, we understand the wisdom of the tree of life to be a connection between our human self and our divine nature, and the tree itself represents our journey to grow into our best and most refined self. We learn from trees how to be flexible through the many weathers of life, and how to thrive in community while still standing strong on our own. The tree of life is a vibrant, animated symbol of love and devotion to our better natures. This tree of life pendant is all wire wrap in 22 and 24 gauge wire. The intricate and lacy look of the pendant comes from nearly 10 feet of wire being wrapped tight to create the pendant, and every single bit is crafted by hand from layers of wire - nothing is pre-fabricated. The size of this tree pendant is approximately 1 \u00bd inches in diameter.This particular tree has garnet gemstone chips as the leaves on the tree, and is made from copper wire. It will slightly antique over time and the metal will take on more rustic look that has an incredible vintage quality to it.Each pendant comes with a long black cord so you can decide which length works for you to wear it., spiritual

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