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stone, Lavender and Garnets - Bouquet of gems and crystals over a polished geode



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This unique and lovely pendant was made from polished garnets and crystals strung over a natural geode. The sliced geode is polished and has an open "eye" lined with sparkling crystals. The pendant is strung on a simple silver chain. I used traditional stained glass techniques to create this pendant with lead-free solder to ensure it will be safe to wear next to your skin.=============This item will be shipped with USPS. I add a small amount for packing materials. If you purchase more than one listing and have them shipped together to one destination, Etsy should calculate a sweet shipping discount for you. If required, Etsy will add sales tax. I'm happy to ship globally - please ask me for a shipping quote if you need this shipped outside the USA.All of my work is made in my personal (often in-home) studio; I've moved 7 times in the last 10 years, but I always take my studio with me. I now live on a sailboat (can't get much more nomadic than that) and create my art in an old tour bus that I converted into a mobile studio; I call her Amanda. As of August 2020, Amanda is set up in southern Maryland! You can find me, and more photos of my work (including process photos), on Facebook as Cec Cohen. My lampwork and fused pieces are annealed to ensure they will be stress-free and last a lifetime. My polished gemstones, silver chains and antique beads come from reliable sources and I use the finest techniques and materials I know of. Every item is unique. My art comes with a no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee - your satisfaction, my guarantee. I'm convo friendly, so scoot me off a message if you have any questions. My (old) website:, polished

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