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This is a stunning Swarovski Crystal bracelet. \r\rSIMPLE BUT ELEGANT\r\rPERFECT GIFT /WEDDING GIFT FOR BRIDE / BRIDESMAID / LADY!\r\rCrystal Size: 6mm (Diamond shape)\r\rThe bracelet measures 7 1/2" long (19.05cm).\r\rAll Components are made of .925 Sterling Silver and the clasp is marked 925 silver.\r\rIt goes well with modern as well as vintage styling\u2026it really depends how you want to wear it.\r\r\r===================\r\rPrices are in US$.\r\rFor shipping policies and other important information, click on \u201cprofile\u201d on the right.\r\rSee an item that you like but has already been sold? Contact me to see if I have more!\r\rThank you for stopping by Kashuen Collectibles!, clear

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