Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

long white necklace, gift for her gemstone necklace statement necklace bohemian jewelry gemstone jewelry bohemian necklace labradorite amitabha by thebeadedlily



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gift for her, gemstone necklace, statement necklace, bohemian jewelry, gemstone jewelry, bohemian necklace, labradorite necklace, unique gray necklace, grey boho necklace, chunky grey necklace, boho chic necklace, thebeadedlily, agate stone necklace-------This long white stone beaded necklace was inspired by a white marble Sui dynasty monument. Amitabha, a Sanskrit word meaning 'boundless light' is descriptive of the way this piece shines.It can be worn long or doubled,This piece features:glass-- color-lined, crackled, recycled Ghana glass, vintage green-heart trade beads and 3 Paula Radke dichroic ringsrainbow moonstonestick pearlsherkimer diamondsrock crystal quartzgrey quartzjasperaquamarine roughprofessional quality beading cable---The easy to use, secure and lovely 's' clasp is hand-formed (by me) sterling silver wire.---32" (82cm), statement necklace

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