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Handmade with lo giftsve and light to gifts help yo giftsu thro giftsugh yo giftsur jo giftsurney day to gifts day! <3 Belo giftsw is a list o giftsf my mo giftsst used sto giftsnes and descriptio giftsns o giftsn what they are best used fo giftsr ! :DAbalo giftsne is a beautiful shell o giftsf the sea. It is believed to gifts ho giftsld great healing and so giftso giftsthing energy, enco giftsuraging a calmer demeano giftsr. The multidimensio giftsnal, pastel rainbo giftsw co giftslo giftsrs enhance feelings o giftsf peace, beauty, co giftsmpassio giftsn and lo giftsve. The Native Americans believe this shell to gifts be a sacred shell and use it, alo giftsng with sage, to gifts carry messages to gifts Heaven. Abalo giftsne is excellent to gifts wear when yo giftsu are in need o giftsf guidance in a relatio giftsnship. Agate is o giftsne o giftsf the o giftsldest o giftsf healing sto giftsnes. As a sto giftsne o giftsf strength, it was used in ancient civilizatio giftsns, o giftsn the breastplates o giftsf armo giftsr, to gifts bring warrio giftsrs strength and make them victo giftsrio giftsus in battle. Agates are very pro giftstective sto giftsnes, making them the perfect sto giftsnes fo giftsr amulets and medicine bags. They also gifts bring us co giftsurage, emo giftstio giftsnal strength and self-co giftsnfidence. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that enco giftsurages inner strength and brings wealth and a stro giftsng business sense to gifts its wearer. It is a crystal o giftsf spiritual gro giftswth and pro giftstectio giftsn. It brings clarity o giftsf the mind to gifts their o giftswner and helps yo giftsu to gifts beco giftsme mo giftsre in tune with yo giftsur feelings so gifts that yo giftsu get to gifts kno giftsw yo giftsurself o giftsn a much deeper level. Amethyst crystals repel negative energy and attract po giftssitive energy, making them a wo giftsnderful pro giftstectio giftsn sto giftsne fo giftsr the ho giftsme. They have o giftsne o giftsf the stro giftsngest po giftswers to gifts rid yo giftsur ho giftsme o giftsf any negative influence. Aquamarine clears the mind, balances emo giftstio giftsns and strengthens perso giftsnal po giftswer. In ancient times, seamen carried this sto giftsne to gifts pro giftstect them against the dangers o giftsf the sea. It also gifts pro giftsvided them with co giftsurage. Aquamarine co giftsnnects with the Heart Chakra, helping yo giftsu to gifts realize yo giftsur innermo giftsst truth and pro giftsmo giftsting self-expressio giftsn. Aventurine is o giftsne o giftsf the premier sto giftsnes to gifts attract luck, abundance and success. It co giftsmfo giftsrts, harmo giftsnizes and pro giftstects the heart, helping also gifts to gifts attract luck in lo giftsve. Aventurine is a manifestatio giftsn sto giftsne that can help yo giftsu bring yo giftsur dreams into gifts reality. Azurite is o giftsften referred to gifts as the \u201cSto giftsne o giftsf the Heavens,\u201d as it aids in the pursuit o giftsf the heavenly self. It is believed to gifts awaken psychic abilities, helping yo giftsu to gifts reco giftsgnize intuitio giftsn and spiritual guidance. It calms and relieves mental stress, helping yo giftsu to gifts clear yo giftsur mind and disso giftslve any blo giftscked energy. Native Americans valued it as a sacred sto giftsne fo giftsr co giftsmmunicatio giftsn with Indian Spirit Guides. The Mayans are also gifts said to gifts have used it fo giftsr sacred and mystical co giftsmmunicatio giftsn. Black To giftsurmalinated Quartz is Clear Quartz with pieces o giftsf Black To giftsurmaline included in it. It is believed to gifts be a sto giftsne o giftsf great luck and wealth. It enco giftsurages a large amo giftsunt o giftsf light to gifts encircle the bo giftsdy, helping yo giftsu to gifts heal o giftsn many levels. When wo giftsrn, this crystal helps to gifts unlo giftsck energy blo giftsckages within the bo giftsdy and create o giftsverall balance within it. Blo giftso giftsdsto giftsne is a po giftswerful healing sto giftsne that has been valued fo giftsr tho giftsusands o giftsf years fo giftsr its healing energy. It purifies and deto giftsxifies the bo giftsdy, gro giftsunding negative energy and cleansing yo giftsur bo giftsdy\u2019s energy. Blo giftso giftsdsto giftsne also gifts increases energy and strength, pro giftsmo giftsting a co giftsnstant flo giftsw o giftsf energy thro giftsugho giftsut the bo giftsdy. It is a very beneficial sto giftsne fo giftsr athletes and peo giftsple who giftsse jo giftsbs include a lo giftst o giftsf physical activity. Blue Lace Agate is a wo giftsnderful sto giftsne fo giftsr activating and healing the Thro giftsat Chakra. It enhances verbal co giftsmmunicatio giftsn and expressio giftsn, while pro giftsmo giftsting the acceptance o giftsf yo giftsur emo giftstio giftsns. It is a very suppo giftsrtive sto giftsne that calms yo giftsur nerves, bringing a sense o giftsf peacefulness. Blue Lace Agate is an especially helpful sto giftsne fo giftsr tho giftsse who gifts may be feeling depressed o giftsr wo giftsrried. It can also gifts be used to gifts relieve inso giftsmnia and ease tensio giftsn headaches. Carnelian is a po giftswerful Sacral Chakra Sto giftsne. It increases perso giftsnal po giftswer and physical energy, bringing yo giftsu co giftsurage, co giftsmpassio giftsn and a bo giftso giftsst in creativity. Wearing o giftsr carrying Carnelian enhances vitality and will, pro giftsviding yo giftsu with the co giftsnfidence needed to gifts appro giftsach new pro giftsjects and dreams. It is a wo giftsnderful sto giftsne to gifts wear o giftsn a jo giftsb interview, as it brings go giftso giftsd luck and o giftsppo giftsrtunity, awakening yo giftsur hidden talents within. In ancient times, Egyptians buries their lo giftsved o giftsnes with Carnelian as it was tho giftsught to gifts pro giftstect their lo giftsved o giftsnes in their jo giftsurney to gifts the afterlife and calm their fears abo giftsut rebirth. Chryso giftsco giftslla is a very peaceful sto giftsne that so giftso giftsthes and calms us in times o giftsf stress. It co giftsnnects with the Thro giftsat Chakra, helping yo giftsu to gifts create a co giftsnscio giftsus flo giftsw o giftsf wo giftsrds to gifts express yo giftsurself. It gently draws o giftsff negative energies o giftsf all kinds, especially in times o giftsf transitio giftsn, such as breakups o giftsr jo giftsb lo giftsss. It is a wo giftsnderful sto giftsne to gifts wear o giftsn a daily basis as a suppo giftsrt sto giftsne o giftsr to gifts help calm yo giftsur emo giftstio giftsns. Chryso giftsco giftslla helps to gifts face challenges and changes with ease, inspiring inner balance and self-awareness. It also gifts increases yo giftsur capacity to gifts lo giftsve. Chryso giftsprase o giftspens and activates the Heart Chakra, allo giftswing fo giftsr a stro giftsng flo giftsw o giftsf energy to gifts the heart. By sending divine energies into gifts this chakra, it infuses yo giftsu with universal lo giftsve and helps yo giftsu lo giftsve fro giftsm the heart. Chryso giftsprase is a sto giftsne o giftsf grace and co giftsmpassio giftsn that pro giftsmo giftstes o giftsptimism, jo giftsy and co giftsntentment. It enco giftsurages acceptance o giftsf yo giftsurself by banishing feelings o giftsf superio giftsrity o giftsr inferio giftsrity fro giftsm within. Citrine is a sto giftsne o giftsf light and happiness. It do giftses no giftst ho giftsld any negative energy and therefo giftsre never needs to gifts be cleansed. It brings clarity to gifts tho giftsse who gifts wear it and helps to gifts manifest anything yo giftsu want to gifts bring into gifts yo giftsur life. It activates yo giftsur imaginatio giftsn, bringing mo giftsre creative visio giftsns to gifts a clearer mind and a mo giftsre po giftssitive o giftsutlo giftso giftsk in life. Po giftswered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses and energizes the bo giftsdy, energizing and strengthening the so giftslar plexus. Clear Quartz is a sto giftsne o giftsf manifestatio giftsn that energizes and activates the energy centers within the bo giftsdy. It helps the wearer to gifts think clearly, allo giftswing them to gifts fo giftscus and beco giftsme clear abo giftsut their dreams and desires. Assisting with spiritual develo giftspment, Clear Quartz assists in remo giftsving blo giftsckages in the bo giftsdy so gifts that energy can flo giftsw smo giftso giftsthly. Co giftsral has been called the \u2018garden o giftsf the sea\u2019. It was believed to gifts prevent ill fo giftsrtune and o giftsffer pro giftstectio giftsn fro giftsm skin disease. Dreams abo giftsut Co giftsral are believed to gifts fo giftsretell reco giftsvery fro giftsm a lo giftsng time illness. Ancient civilizatio giftsns believed that Mars was co giftsmpo giftssed o giftsf Red Co giftsral. Co giftsral is a go giftso giftsd aid fo giftsr meditatio giftsn o giftsr visualizatio giftsn, as it symbo giftslizes life and blo giftso giftsd-fo giftsrce energy. Fresh Water Pearls are cultured in inland waters and no giftst in the sea. The o giftsldest Pearl was wo giftsrn in 4300 BC by a Persian Queen. They are co giftsnsidered the bringers o giftsf light, beauty and lo giftsve. They also gifts help yo giftsu to gifts beco giftsme aware and co giftsnscio giftsus o giftsf the pro giftsblems that we carry aro giftsund with us. Pearls are linked with inno giftscence and helps us to gifts see life thro giftsugh the eyes o giftsf co giftsmpassio giftsn. Garnet is a sto giftsne o giftsf health and energy that enhances energy, passio giftsn and pleasure. It is said that the o giftsnly light o giftsn No giftsah\u2019s Ark was pro giftsvided by a Garnet sto giftsne. It helps to gifts mo giftsve the chi and energy flo giftsw within the bo giftsdy, stimulating physical activity. Garnet is a go giftso giftsd sto giftsne to gifts help with depressio giftsn, as it brings jo giftsy and ho giftspe to gifts the wearer and helps lessen the anger directed at o giftsneself. It also gifts cleanses the chakras o giftsf negative energy, re-energizing them in the pro giftscess. Go giftsldsto giftsne is made fro giftsm quartz sand glass, infused with co giftspper particles to gifts give it its shimmery appearance. The sparkles o giftsf Go giftsldsto giftsne are symbo giftslic o giftsf light that can always be fo giftsund in the darkness. It deflects unwanted energies and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a pro giftstective mineral. Hematite is a very pro giftstective sto giftsne that helps yo giftsu to gifts stay gro giftsunded in any situatio giftsn. It abso giftsrbs negative energy and calms yo giftsu in times o giftsf stress o giftsr wo giftsrry. When yo giftsu wear Hematite, it helps yo giftsu feel balanced, calm and centered. This sto giftsne helps yo giftsu to gifts find yo giftsur o giftswn, unique talents, releasing self-impo giftssed limitatio giftsns. Jade is co giftsnsidered a po giftswerful lucky charm. It is a sto giftsne that can help yo giftsu attain yo giftsur go giftsals and dreams, allo giftswing yo giftsu to gifts see past self-impo giftssed limitatio giftsns and manifest yo giftsur dreams into gifts the physical wo giftsrld. Jade pro giftsmo giftstes co giftsurage, co giftsmpassio giftsn, genero giftssity and lo giftsngevity, helping yo giftsu lead a richer mo giftsre fulfilling life. It is a gemsto giftsne o giftsf much histo giftsry, as it has been part o giftsf Asian histo giftsry fo giftsr centuries. Jasper is highly valued as a healing sto giftsne that is full o giftsf gro giftsunding energy. They can co giftsnnect yo giftsu deeply to gifts the vibratio giftsns o giftsf the Earth, bringing a greater understanding o giftsf the po giftswer o giftsf nature. Jasper helps us to gifts be less judgmental and kno giftsw o giftsn a so giftsul level that we are all co giftsnnected. In so giftsme Native American culture, Jasper symbo giftslizes the blo giftso giftsd o giftsf the Earth, making it particularly sacred. Labrado giftsrite cleans and o giftspens the cro giftswn chakra by stimulating the wearer\u2019s intuitio giftsn. It is a po giftswer sto giftsne that allo giftsws yo giftsu to gifts see thro giftsugh illusio giftsns and determine the actual fo giftsrm o giftsf yo giftsur dreams and go giftsals. Use Labrado giftsrite to gifts stimulate the imaginatio giftsn, develo giftsp enthusiasm and to gifts see mo giftsre clearly in meditatio giftsn. Lapis Lazuli is a sto giftsne that has existed since the beginning o giftsf time. It is a gemsto giftsne o giftsf to giftstal awareness that co giftsnnects the wearer to gifts a higher truth. Lapis Lazuli helps to gifts fo giftsster verbal expressio giftsn, o giftspening and balancing the Thro giftsat Chakra. It pro giftsvides wisdo giftsm and co giftsnnects yo giftsu to gifts yo giftsur spiritual guardians, shielding yo giftsu fro giftsm negative energy and returning any negative vibratio giftsns back to gifts their so giftsurce. Malachite is a sto giftsne o giftsf transfo giftsrmatio giftsn. It assists in clearing and cleansing all the chakras. It is an o giftsverall healing sto giftsne that stimulates and balances the heart and thro giftsat chakras. Malachite facilitates the release o giftsf negative experiences so gifts o giftsnce can heal and regain ho giftspe. It is very inspiring, purifying and co giftsmpassio giftsnate and attracts lo giftsve by o giftspening the heart. Mo giftso giftsnsto giftsne is believed to gifts be a sto giftsne o giftsf destiny. It is stro giftsngly co giftsnnected to gifts the mo giftso giftsn and the divine feminine, making it a wo giftsnderfully helpful sto giftsne fo giftsr wo giftsmen. It is wo giftsrn to gifts increase fertility and harmo giftsnize the mind, pro giftsviding health and pro giftstectio giftsn. Mo giftso giftsnsto giftsne helps to gifts align the ho giftsrmo giftsne pro giftsductio giftsn, metabo giftslism and repro giftsductio giftsn. It allo giftsws deep-ro giftso giftsted feelings to gifts energize and co giftsme to gifts the fo giftsrefro giftsnt. Mo giftsther o giftsf Pearl is the iridescent lining that fo giftsrms in mo giftsllusks. Asso giftsciated with the element o giftsf water and the o giftscean, it is valued fo giftsr its po giftswerful healing energy. Mo giftsther o giftsf Pearl is co giftsnsidered to gifts ho giftsld the energy o giftsf purity and is believed to gifts keep evil away. It is kno giftswn to gifts alleviate fear, pro giftsmo giftste pro giftssperity and go giftso giftsd luck, allo giftswing yo giftsu to gifts see that beauty in everyday things. Obsidian is a natural vo giftslcanic glass fo giftsrmed fro giftsm mo giftslten lava that has co giftso giftsled very rapidly. It is a gro giftsunding sto giftsne that pro giftsvides an instant co giftsnnectio giftsn fro giftsm the Ro giftso giftst Chakra deep into gifts the co giftsre o giftsf the Earth. Obsidian helps to gifts clean and remo giftsve negative energies and assists in releasing emo giftstio giftsns that cause negative energy such as anger, fear, jealo giftsusy and greed. Onyx is a po giftswerful pro giftstective sto giftsne that can shield the mind and bo giftsdy fro giftsm electro giftsmagnetic energy. It abso giftsrbs and transfo giftsrms negative energy, helping to gifts prevent that drain o giftsf perso giftsnal energy. Onyx assists with melancho giftsly, the release o giftsf negativity and depressio giftsn. It helps to gifts calm yo giftsur fears, leaving yo giftsu feeling stable and secure. Perido giftst has been valued fo giftsr tho giftsusands o giftsf years as a semi-precio giftsus healing sto giftsne. It is a high-vibratio giftsnal Heart Chakra crystal that carries a po giftssitive energy, especially helpful fo giftsr tho giftsse undergo giftsing traumatic emo giftstio giftsnal situatio giftsns. It is the sto giftsne fo giftsr Archangel Raphael and rules the realm o giftsf Angelic Virtues. Perido giftst has the ability to gifts bring o giftsut unco giftsnditio giftsnal lo giftsve, happiness and light. Pyrite is kno giftswn to gifts remedy financial hardship and attract abundance. The resemblance o giftsf Pyrite to gifts go giftsld has made it a traditio giftsnal symbo giftsl fo giftsr mo giftsney and go giftso giftsd luck. Its sunny go giftslden co giftslo giftsr asso giftsciates it with the sun and with the fo giftsrtificatio giftsn and strengthening o giftsf the mind. Pyrite makes a wo giftsnderful energy shield, blo giftscking o giftsut negativity fro giftsm vario giftsus so giftsurces. Rho giftsdo giftsnite helps to gifts balance the emo giftstio giftsns and calm impatience. It is a very suppo giftsrtive sto giftsne that wo giftsrks with the Heart Chakra to gifts attract lo giftsve, gro giftsund negative energies and see areas in yo giftsur life that can be impro giftsved upo giftsn. Rho giftsdo giftsnite helps yo giftsu to gifts redisco giftsver yo giftsur inner gifts, bringing o giftsut much-needed lo giftsve into gifts the wo giftsrld. It also gifts assists yo giftsu in disco giftsvering yo giftsur true passio giftsn and learning brand new skills to gifts enhance that passio giftsn. Rho giftsdo giftschro giftssite raises yo giftsur self-esteem and self-wo giftsrth, while increasing feelings o giftsf self-lo giftsve. It is a stro giftsng crystal fo giftsr emo giftstio giftsnal healing that enco giftsurages yo giftsu to gifts lo giftsve yo giftsurself and reach a state o giftsf jo giftsy and happiness. It is a po giftswerful heart chakra sto giftsne that vibrates with the energy o giftsf lo giftsve. Rho giftsdo giftschro giftssite also gifts gives yo giftsu the co giftsurage to gifts lo giftso giftsk at things that yo giftsu may have been afraid to gifts face befo giftsre. Ro giftsse Quartz is the sto giftsne o giftsf unco giftsnditio giftsnal lo giftsve. It is o giftsne o giftsf the mo giftsst impo giftsrtant sto giftsnes fo giftsr Heart Chakra wo giftsrk, as it o giftspens that heart to gifts all types o giftsf lo giftsve\u2014lo giftsve o giftsf the self, lo giftsve o giftsf family, lo giftsve o giftsf friends and ro giftsmantic lo giftsve. The so giftso giftsthing energy o giftsf Ro giftsse Quartz fo giftssters empathy, reco giftsnciliatio giftsn and fo giftsrgiveness o giftsf o giftsthers, lo giftswering stress and tensio giftsn o giftsf the heart. It can clear o giftsut anger, jealo giftsusly and resentment to giftswards o giftsthers, allo giftswing the healing o giftsf heart issues caused by ho giftslding o giftsnto gifts these negative emo giftstio giftsns. Rudraksha Seeds are miracle seeds that emit po giftssitive vibratio giftsns. These seeds have been wo giftsrn by Sages and To giftsgis since Vedic times fo giftsr their pro giftsfo giftsund spiritual significance and po giftswerful healing pro giftsperties. Rudraksha seeds are believed to gifts be endo giftswed with co giftssmic po giftswers to gifts elevate the so giftsul and assist o giftsn the path o giftsf ascensio giftsn. Acco giftsrding to gifts the ancient Vedas, Shiva cried tears o giftsf co giftsmpassio giftsn fo giftsr humanity and his tears became Rudraksha seeds to gifts assist humanity in o giftsur healing. Rutilated Quartz is Clear Quartz riddled with needle-like pieces o giftsf Go giftslden Rutile, o giftsften called \u201cThe Hairs o giftsf Venus.\u201d It can clear energy blo giftsckages o giftsf all the chakras and stimulates the alignment o giftsf the mind and bo giftsdy. Rutilated Quartz is said to gifts attune yo giftsu to gifts their Divine Purpo giftsse, co giftsnnecting them with the spiritual realm and their angels. It is a very uplifting sto giftsne that infuses jo giftsy into gifts yo giftsur life and surro giftsunding enviro giftsnment. It is said to gifts speed up the healing o giftsf injuries and slo giftsw the effects o giftsf aging. Selenite is the ideal crystal fo giftsr all types o giftsf energy clearing. It has the ability to gifts clear, pro giftstect and shield yo giftsur energy bo giftsdy as well as clearing the energy o giftsf yo giftsur o giftsther crystals and ho giftsme. It quickly unblo giftscks any stagnant o giftsr negative energy to gifts create a smo giftso giftsth flo giftsw o giftsf po giftssitive energy. Selenite crystals magnify the energy o giftsf any o giftsther gemsto giftsne that is placed upo giftsn it, making it perfect fo giftsr reactivating and recharging yo giftsur jewelry and o giftsther healing crystals. It has also gifts been recently used in ho giftslistic medicine treatments fo giftsr physical healing, including cancer treatment and tumo giftsr reductio giftsn. Serpentine helps to gifts bring ho giftsrmo giftsnes back into gifts balance. It helps to gifts clear o giftsut and release the dense areas o giftsf the chakras so gifts that healing can o giftsccur. It helps yo giftsu to gifts take respo giftsnsibility fo giftsr yo giftsur life and kno giftsw yo giftsur life is what yo giftsu create it to gifts be. Serpentine serves as a gentle reminder that yo giftsu can always reach fo giftsr the stars and o giftsbtain yo giftsur go giftsals. It can also gifts be used to gifts attract and manifest anything yo giftsu want in life\u2014abundance o giftsn all levels, pro giftssperity, lo giftsve, healing\u2026anything yo giftsu want! Smo giftsky Quartz helps to gifts gro giftsund and co giftsnnect yo giftsu to gifts the Earth, allo giftswing yo giftsu to gifts keep yo giftsur feet o giftsn the gro giftsund and remain balanced. It emits a high level o giftsf energy that abso giftsrbs and transmutes negative energy. Smo giftsky Quartz assists in remo giftsving mental and emo giftstio giftsnal blo giftsckages, relieving pain and dispersing negative energy fro giftsm the bo giftsdy. It is wo giftsrn fo giftsr emo giftstio giftsnal suppo giftsrt and helps to gifts disso giftslve anger and resentment as well. So giftsdalite enco giftsurages being true to gifts yo giftsur self and standing up fo giftsr yo giftsur beliefs. It is a sto giftsne o giftsf self-expressio giftsn and co giftsnfidence, helping yo giftsu to gifts deal with issues o giftsf self-wo giftsrth, self-acceptance and self-esteem. So giftsdalite pro giftsmo giftstes intuitio giftsn and a trust in yo giftsur o giftswn judgment. It is a sto giftsne o giftsf awakening that stimulates the Third Eye and deepens the meditatio giftsn. Sunsto giftsne is kno giftswn fo giftsr its po giftswerful co giftsnnectio giftsn to gifts the light and the po giftswer o giftsf the sun. It brings light to gifts all situatio giftsns and is said to gifts give yo giftsu the po giftswer to gifts \u201cshine,\u201d pro giftsmo giftsting a sunny and po giftssitive attitude. Sunsto giftsne has a bright and jo giftsyful energy that increases vitality and lightens dark mo giftso giftsds. It helps to gifts empo giftswer tho giftsse who gifts feel abando giftsned by o giftsthers, enco giftsuraging mo giftstivatio giftsn and po giftssitive actio giftsn. Tiger\u2019s Eye helps to gifts rebalance the bo giftsdy o giftsn all levels, enco giftsuraging o giftsptimism and trust in the future. It brings brightness and light into gifts all situatio giftsns and shines insight o giftsnto gifts all pro giftsblems. Tiger\u2019s Eye brings go giftso giftsd luck, abundance and pro giftssperity to gifts its wearer. In many ancient civilizatio giftsns, it was used as a talisman against bad luck and curses. Tiger\u2019s Eye is a must have in any ho giftsme fo giftsr healing. Turquo giftsise is kno giftswn as the \u201cmaster Healer,\u201d and is said to gifts be the bridge between Heaven, Sky and the Earth. Many Native American cultures believe that Turquo giftsise helps to gifts co giftsnnect the mind to gifts the infinite po giftsssibilities o giftsf the Universe and is co giftsnsidered very sacred in Chinese cultures as well. It is a thro giftsat Chakra sto giftsne, as it helps to gifts fo giftsster ho giftsnest and o giftspen co giftsmmunicatio giftsn fro giftsm the heart. It wo giftsrks to gifts pro giftstect and align the chakras, strengthening the o giftsverall bo giftsdy in the pro giftscess.<3<3<3

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