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cuff bracelet, Fleur de Lis Paris Garden Floral Corsage Cuff Bracelet



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I love over the top arm candy and I decided to create these one of kind floral, corsage cuff bracelets. Each one is unique with its own beautiful theme that are full of color, ribbons, flowers and plenty o'bling! These cuff bracelets are perfect to dress up a pair of jeans or a soft flowing summer dress on a warm sunny day whatever you decide to wear this bracelet will surely get you compliments.\r\rFleur de Lis in Paris: cuff is 2 1/2" top to bottom this bracelet is set on a metal base and can be carefully adjusted to fit the desired size but will fit most size wrists. This does have some weight but still fits comfortable for everyday wear. Please do not get this cuff wet. If you have any questions about this cuff please contact me. Enjoy!, fleur de lis

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