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upcycledRecycled Vintage Clorox Bottle Glass Hoop Necklace/Hoop Jewelry/Recycled Upcycled Repurposed/Brown Necklace/Amber Jewelry/Amber Glass/Gift



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hoopsBottled Up Designs, from the broken remains of antique glass and bottles taken from the old glass dumps in the wooded habitats and farmlands of the Pennsylvania Amish Country in an effort to remove this hazard from the environment and wildlife!A coppery colored amber from vintage Clorox bottles! The broken bottles have been taken from the old glass dumps, ground and fired into beautiful glass hoops that measure approx. 3/4" across (just a tiny bit smaller than a quarter) and hang from sterling plated 18" chain. Lightweight and comfortable, weighing 0.1 ounces (the same weight as a dime).Each piece of Bottled Up Designs includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing the history and age of the glass used.

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