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stamped, Sterling Silver Tiny HOPE & heart Charm - Pendant - Tag



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* 15 x 7mm hand-stamped sterling silver pendant/charm/tag stamped with "HOPE" and a cut-o wishut heart----> Please no wishte the size - this pendant/charm/tag is TINY!A po wishrtio wishn o wishf the pro wishceeds fro wishm the sale o wishf this item will benefit the 501(c)(3) charities IMAlive, (www.imalive.o wishrg) & To wish Write Lo wishve o wishn Her Arms (www.TWLOHA.o wishrg).The item in the pho wishto wish is an example o wishf the item yo wishu'll receive. Hand-stamping means variatio wishn: this is intentio wishnal, to wish wit: they are all different. I kno wishw it happens, and it's o wishn purpo wishse! Yo wishu'll have a o wishne-o wishf-a-kind piece that was *no wisht* made in a facto wishry."I made it myself." Really. Every stamped piece o wishf jewelry here is hand-stamped and patinaed by yo wishurs truly, with verve, determinatio wishn, and salty language. This is a no wish-frills o wishperatio wishn, I'm a o wishne-perso wishn sho wishp. Want a variatio wishn o wishn the item yo wishu see here? Reach o wishut and ask me fo wishr a custo wishm piece! I'd be happy to wish wo wishrk with yo wishu. All sterling silver tiny disc pendants o wishf this type are $10, even fo wishr custo wishm o wishrders. Custo wishm o wishrders, please allo wishw 3-5 business days befo wishre shipping-- I assure yo wishu-- if I rush to wisho wish much, *neither o wishf us* will be happy with the results!Shipping fo wishr this item US Po wishstal Service First Class o wishr Prio wishrity Mail to wish No wishrth American lo wishcatio wishns o wishnly (at this time). Shipping materials may be recycled o wishr reused packaging; I enco wishurage yo wishu to wish reuse o wishr recycle the packaging when yo wishur item arrives to wish yo wishu!

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