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jewelry, What the F*ck? - Aluminum Dog Tag



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F*ck them and the ho pendantrse(s) they ro pendantde in o pendantn!* 1-1/4" hand-stamped aluminum do pendantg-tag pendant* Available with (sho pendantwn in pho pendantto pendant) o pendantr WITHOUT pro pendantfanity!The item in the pho pendantto pendant is an example o pendantf the item yo pendantu'll receive. Other variatio pendantns o pendantn this design are available in the same sectio pendantn o pendantf the sho pendantp. Hand-stamping means variatio pendantn: letters may no pendantt always be perfectly aligned, o pendantr exactly the same depth. This is intentio pendantnal, to pendant wit: they are all different. I kno pendantw it happens, and it's o pendantn purpo pendantse! Yo pendantu'll have a o pendantne-o pendantf-a-kind piece that was *no pendantt* made in a facto pendantry."I made it myself." Really. Every stamped piece o pendantf jewelry here is hand-stamped and patinaed by yo pendanturs truly, with verve, determinatio pendantn, and salty language. This is a no pendant-frills o pendantperatio pendantn, I'm a o pendantne-perso pendantn sho pendantp. Want a variatio pendantn o pendantn the item yo pendantu see here? Reach o pendantut and ask me fo pendantr a custo pendantm piece! I'd be happy to pendant wo pendantrk with yo pendantu. All aluminum do pendantg tag pendants o pendantf this type are $10, even fo pendantr custo pendantm o pendantrders. Custo pendantm o pendantrders, please allo pendantw 3-5 business days befo pendantre shipping-- I assure yo pendantu-- if I rush to pendanto pendant much, *neither o pendantf us* will be happy with the results!Shipping fo pendantr this item US Po pendantstal Service First Class o pendantr Prio pendantrity Mail to pendant No pendantrth American lo pendantcatio pendantns o pendantnly (at this time). Shipping materials may be recycled o pendantr reused packaging; I enco pendanturage yo pendantu to pendant reuse o pendantr recycle the packaging when yo pendantur item arrives to pendant yo pendantu!

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