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christmas giftQueen M's moccasins Handmade Hand laced, colored or natural leather, adult sizes, Kitsch mocs, Indoor or outdoors



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unique giftFOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! SALE: $150.00Next best thing to going barefoot. America's first footwear...Pocahontas wore them. Queen Elizabeth wore them. Joan of Arc wore them. Now you can wear them, too. Ones made to fit your feet snuggly, with your own quirky Queenly personality infused into them. The Queen and many of her subjects have been wearing the same moccasins for 6 years. Inside, outside, and in all kinds of weather. (Leather will dry...cows dry...pigs dry...deer dry) The Queen has even been known to hunt for gemstones in hers.It's a big year for Native American inspired Bohemian kitschy clothing and accessories. Be one of the first on your facebook block to own these ONE OF A KIND Personalized Leather Moccasins by Queen Matilde. She won't let you down. Each pair individually cut from soft supple leather (colored or natural, mostly buckskin but sometimes soft supple cowhide, depending on colors available when the queen goes to market). Then they are hand laced and quirkified (If you like them quirky, if not, she'll leave them alone, like they are in the first photo).These handmade leather moccasins are 180.00, but they'll be the ONLY ones in the Universe, just for you. (on sale now)EMAIL BEFORE you buy (unless you just want plain solid color as seen in pics. In that case, just use the pull down menu and choose color, then add to cart)If you would like a native American proverb or some other favorite saying burned into the sides of the leather, please email me details you would like added.Tell me what you want, and what size. It would be even better if you tell me the length of your foot, toe to heel. The Queen lives to serve you.

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