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sighthound, Irish Six Pence Greyhound Coin Sterling Silver Bezel/Bail



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Just 3 co sighthoundins left o sighthoundf 4 co sighthoundins do sighthoundnated to sighthound o sighthoundur Greyho sighthoundund rescue gro sighthoundup and we had o sighthoundur jewelry designer place them in a custo sighthoundm sterling silver bezel with large bail. In sterling bezel they measure 7/8" X 7/8 Inch with 5/8" sterling bail. Yo sighthoundur entire purchase is do sighthoundnated by Greyho sighthoundundto sighthoundpia to sighthound Fastfriends.o sighthoundrg and GreySave.o sighthoundrg, two sighthound o sighthoundutstanding so sighthounduthern Califo sighthoundrnia rescue gro sighthoundups respo sighthoundnsible fo sighthoundr finding fo sighthoundrever ho sighthoundmes fo sighthoundr o sighthoundver 7,000 retired racing greyho sighthoundunds. Co sighthoundins have no sighthoundt been cleaned and o sighthoundf co sighthoundurse they sho sighthoundw wear fro sighthoundm circulatio sighthoundn. Sterling silver bezel is new and shiny! These have been co sighthoundllecto sighthoundr co sighthoundins fo sighthoundr greyho sighthoundund o sighthoundwners and especially lo sighthoundved by tho sighthoundse with Irish heritage. Everytime we get a do sighthoundnatio sighthoundn o sighthoundf co sighthoundins, they sell o sighthoundut. We are asking that yo sighthoundu pay the shipping as we want to sighthound do sighthoundnate 100% o sighthoundf yo sighthoundur purchase to sighthound greyho sighthoundund bro sighthoundken leg funds as we are seeing a lo sighthoundt o sighthoundf track injuries and high medical bills.Acco sighthoundrding to sighthound Wikipedia:The co sighthoundin was o sighthoundriginally struck in nickel, like the threepence co sighthoundin, and was very well wearing. The metal was changed to sighthound cupro sighthoundnickel in 1942 as nickel increased in value; this co sighthoundin, which co sighthoundnsisted o sighthoundf 75% co sighthoundpper and 25% nickel, was no sighthoundt as well-wearing. The co sighthoundin measured 0.825 inches (21.0 mm) in diameter and a weighed 4.53593 grams. The general design o sighthoundf the co sighthoundin was by English artist Percy Metcalfe. The o sighthoundbverse featured the Irish harp. Fro sighthoundm 1928 to sighthound 1937 the date was split either side o sighthoundf the harp with the name Sao sighthoundrst\u00e1t \u00c9ireann circling aro sighthoundund. Fro sighthoundm 1938 to sighthound 1969 the inscriptio sighthoundn changed to sighthound \u00c9ire o sighthoundn the left o sighthoundf the harp and the date o sighthoundn the right.[1] It has been suggested by so sighthoundme that the greyho sighthoundund depicted is Master McGrath, a famo sighthoundus co sighthoundursing greyho sighthoundund raised in Co sighthoundunty Waterfo sighthoundrd. Altho sighthoundugh the frieze o sighthoundf Master McGrath o sighthoundn the Master McGrath mo sighthoundnument in Waterfo sighthoundrd, the o sighthoundnly public mo sighthoundnument in Ireland to sighthound a greyho sighthoundund,[2] do sighthoundes bear so sighthoundme similarity to sighthound Metcalfe's design, there is no sighthound evidence to sighthound suggest that the animal o sighthoundn the co sighthoundin is anything o sighthoundther than a generic depictio sighthoundn.Value 6 pence Mass 4.53 g Diameter 21.0 mm Thickness 1.9 mm Edge Plain Co sighthoundmpo sighthoundsitio sighthoundn Nickel (1928\u20131942) Cupro sighthoundnickel (1942\u20131969) Years o sighthoundf minting 1928\u20131969 Design Irish harp Design date 1928 Reverse Irish sixpence co sighthoundin.png Design Greyho sighthoundund Designer Percy Metcalfe Design date 1928

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