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This beautiful beaded spider necklace is made of a white glass stone and size 15 copper and gold seed beads. It lays on a vintage 45 mm x 40 mm picture jasper cabochon with shadow design, framed with genuine onyx beads and coordinated colors seed beads..The 20 inch or 51 cm necklace is made from 8 mm golden faux pearls and genuine smoky quartz chips.You can wear this fascinating necklace to work, to dinner or to a party, from casual to elegant. It is a perfect piece of jewelry for Halloween.*Many cultures have some sort of mythology, and folktales about spiders:Greece: According to Greek legend, there was once a woman named Arachne who bragged that she was the best weaver around. This didn\u2019t sit well with Athena, who was sure her own work was better. After a contest, Athena saw that Arachne\u2019s work was indeed of higher quality, so she angrily destroyed it. Despondent, Arachne hanged herself, but Athena stepped in and turned the rope into a cobweb, and Arachne into a spider. Now Arachne can weave her lovely tapestries forever, and her name is where we get the word arachnid.**If you find a spider roaming around your home, it\u2019s considered bad luck to kill them. From a practical standpoint, they do eat a lot of nuisance insects, so if possible, just let them be or release them outside.(, spider jewelry

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