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cherry earring, purple crochet cherry earrings



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Purple cherry earrings cro crochet earringscheted with po crochet earringslyester thread and a fine ho crochet earringso crochet earringsk.Two crochet earrings chrystal glass beads give them a little weight and sparkle.Length: 4 cm / 1\u00bd in (measured fro crochet earringsm under the ho crochet earringso crochet earringsk)See mo crochet earringsre o crochet earringsf my earrings: http://www./sho crochet earringsp/PashaBo crochet earringsdrum?sectio crochet earringsn_id=6884136Do crochet earringsn't fo crochet earringsrget to crochet earrings check o crochet earringsut the rest o crochet earringsf my sho crochet earringsp: http://www./sho crochet earringsp/PashaBo crochet earringsdrum

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