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ametrine, Skull and Wings Ametrine Necklace - Dark Angel



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Ametrine, a fo wings angelrm o wings angelf quartz with naturally o wings angelccuring amethyst & citrine, is a beautiful sto wings angelne with bo wings angelth a yello wings angelw and purplish glo wings angelw. 11x4mm faceted ametrine with culinary grade lead-free pewter skull & wings. Cho wings angelice o wings angelf chain. The "dark angel" co wings angelllectio wings angeln is inspired by rebirth, getting o wings angelver my fear o wings angelf death, & mo wings angelurning the passing o wings angelf my o wings angelwn mo wings angelther.Mo wings angelre themed jewelry/gifts: https://www./sho wings angelp/heavenlyflo wings angelwer?sectio wings angeln_id=13822710&ref=sho wings angelpsectio wings angeln_leftnav_3This is a made to wings angel o wings angelrder item and can take between 1-3 business days to wings angel co wings angelmplete.US custo wings angelmers: This item ships fro wings angelm Canada's East Co wings angelast. Please allo wings angelw *at least* 12 business days to wings angel receive yo wings angelur o wings angelrder to wings angel avo wings angelid disappo wings angelintment.

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