Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling ring, Child's Name Ring - Mother's Ring - hand Stamped Sterling Silver Ring - Mother's Jewelry- Hammered Sterling Silver Name Ring- stacking ring



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Name Ring - Stacking Rings - Hammered Sterling Silver Name Ring - Perso birthstone ringnalized Mo birthstone ringther's Ring - Hand Stamped Children's Names - These sleek rings are slim and lightweight ~ perfect fo birthstone ringr layering! Each band is 2mm in width and stamped with yo birthstone ringur cho birthstone ringice o birthstone ringf name in o birthstone ringur tiny blo birthstone ringck fo birthstone ringnt. Each band fits aro birthstone ringund 25 characters.This ring makes a great gift! Stamped with their child's name, this is a gift they will surely cherish!Each band is fo birthstone ringrmed by hand, and each letter is stamped individually. The band is then hammered fo birthstone ringr extra texture and shine.*This price is fo birthstone ringr 1 band.*Please include yo birthstone ringur name fo birthstone ringr perso birthstone ringnalizatio birthstone ringn This ring will be custo birthstone ringm made fo birthstone ringr yo birthstone ringu. Our average lead time is 2-4 weeks. If yo birthstone ringu need this item so birthstone ringo birthstone ringner, dro birthstone ringp us a no birthstone ringte and we will try to birthstone ring make it happen.All sales are final. Each piece is custo birthstone ringm created fo birthstone ringr yo birthstone ringu, therefo birthstone ringre, canno birthstone ringt be returned.In the case o birthstone ringf artist erro birthstone ringr, the piece will be recreated o birthstone ringr repaired free o birthstone ringf charge as needed.Letter spacing and variatio birthstone ringns are no birthstone ringt defects and are no birthstone ringt returnable.

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