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These hypoallergenic, hoop earrings are made completely with pure titanium wire and a mix of orange, green, purple, and yellow, and red Czech glass bead. They are perfect for even the most sensitive ears. The color of the titanium comes from anodizing and will not change the metal. They are still completely hypoallergenic. The beads are Czech glass bead. They are very small beads, 3 x 5mm. Length: Your choice of 1," 1.25," or 1.5"Wire: 20ga (0.8mm) round Titanium wire (standard ear wire size)Color: Vintage Bronze (no dyes are used to color any of the titanium wire)The last photo shows another item in this series. It is not included in this listing. To find other items in this series, try this link. https://www./shop/CraftLikeAnArtist?ref=l2-shopheader-name&search_query=autumn+series16Titanium is a pure metal, not an alloy. This means there is no nickel, lead or copper (or other metals) mixed with it. It is considered allergy free or non-allergenic. I have had several people test this wire for me, many of them could not wear any earrings without having problems with their ears. These earrings did not cause any reaction at all. To find more titanium earrings, click here... https://www./shop/mompotter/search?search_query=titanium&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searchHere is one customers reaction to this new wire...."I love these earrings! Most earrings irritate my ears after a few hours. My lobes swell a bit and get sore. These feel & look great! And the smaller gauge wire is much more comfortable for me. I'm so excited to be able to wear earrings again!", modern hoop earrings

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