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I find stainless steel, silver filled, and other metals that are affordable and durable for my jewelry, and only carry silver plate when I cannot locate it in another metal. This beautiful necklace chain is diamond cut stainless steel, the clasp is stainless steel, the charms are pewter, the stamped tag is aluminum, the headpins are stainless, the jumprings are silver filled, the circle is plated pewter, the only plated silver/brass is the beadcap and the crown setting, which are heavy plated sterling silver which is patina and then sealed, I have had not problems with this turning. No nickle or inferior metals are used, which means, no allergies to this metal. What does all this mean: You get a quality piece of jewelry without the price of sterling.I use only Swarvoski Crystals, annealed lampglass (to avoid breakage), and other high quality crystals and beads which I hand wire wrap. I hand patina many of the charms, chains, and findings so the colors of the metals match. Most of the words, and stampings are laser engraved and patina by me. The vintage images are designed in photoshop and printed on a industrial 9600 dpi printer. The images are covered with a clear glass cabachon and set into a vintage reproduction bezel. Did you know I test each piece for wearability and weight? I am an published artist and featured sculptor and pride myself on my finishing and quality of my pieces. Please take a look at my feedback from my many happy Etsy Customers.http://www./people/BlackberryDesigns/feedbackThanks for stopping by my store, and let me know if I can answer any [email protected] a note to Jewelry designers: I hope my art jewelry inspires you to create! Please be aware all my designs are copyrighted under the US copyright laws, under Section 102 of the Copyright Act. Original jewelry designs are considered "pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works" and are protected by copyright law automatically when the original work is created in a fixed form.\u00a92009, Dea Shelton Forever Stainless\u2122, stainless steel

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