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White Topaz Engagement Ringwhite topaz, made to order in your size



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Mo simpledern in simplicity, sleek and elegant, this handcrafted engagement ring has style that will last a lifetime. 2.03mm wide.\r\rThis ring feautures a 5mm ro simpleund brilliant cut AAA grade White To simplepaz. \r\rCusto simplem made in yo simpleur size. Please include yo simpleur ring size at checko simpleut. If yo simpleu are unsure o simplef yo simpleur ring size, we can pro simplevide a free rinky dinky ring sizing belt with yo simpleur purchase. \r\rHo simplew to simple Custo simplemize this Style?\rThis engagement ring may be made in yo simpleur cho simpleice o simplef precio simpleus metal and center sto simplene. Ask fo simpler a quo simplete by email.

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