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This listing is for a titanium ring lined with Cocobolo. The combination of wood and titanium makes for a very lightweight ring that you won't even know you are wearing. This ring is completely handmade. We start with raw titanium and a block of wood to make these rings. Each ring is hand sanded and polished to the brushed finish that you see in the pictures. The rings are then finished with multiple coats of an extremely durable waterproof finish.The rings thickness will vary from 1.5 to 3mm depending on size.You have your choice of ring size ranging from 4-15 in 1/4 sizes. **Note: It is very important that you get sized at a jeweler. Do not trust the print out or flexible ring sizers. These rings can not be resized**You also have your choice of ring width from 5 to 8mm in 1/2mm increments. Not seeing the wood you want? Send us a message or request a custom ring. We have a lot of wood options for you to choose from. Some are listed below.BocoteBolivian RosewoodEbonyBrown EbonyPink IvoryPurpleheartWengeZebrawoodOsage OrangeBrazilian CherryWhiskey barrel woodAfrican BlackwoodEbonyRosewoodChakte VigaPadaukOlivewoodMapleMahogany (salvaged for boats)Teak (salvaged from boats), unique ring

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