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empress, Empress Necklace: Crystal Necklace with Garnet Chain and Carved Gold Bead with Pink Chalcedony Drop



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This necklace is made for an empress. The feature of the piece is a carved golden bead that features flowers and vessels. I capped each end of the cylindrical bead with faceted Garnet stones and then suspended a long faceted teardrop of Pink Chalcedony beneath. Above the bead is a length of 14 karat gold filled chain with faceted Garnets wire-wrapped from it. They cluster like grapes on a vine. The base of the necklace are dusty, milky amethyst-colored crystals that are finely faceted so they catch glimmers of light but without overwhelming sparkle.This end of this long necklace falls below the bust, above the belly-button.The entire piece will make an outfit and be a statement piece you can re-wear for years.Like all items from my shop, 15% of this piece will go towards school meals for kids in need around the world., chain

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